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Myck Kabongo Set To Announce Future At Texas


UPDATE: Myck Kabongo declares he is returning for his sophomore season. The one-and-done streak is broken!

University of Texas point guard, and All-Big 12 Rookie Team honoree, Myck Kabongo stated earlier today on his twitter feed a 10:00 a.m. CDT announcement is scheduled on the Longhorn Network to disclose his future plans on entering the NBA draft. If Kabongo elects to forgo his still remaining three years of NCAA eligibility it would represent the 3rd year in a row for Rick Barnes' program a guard recruited from the deep talent at Findlay Prep would declare for the NBA draft after only one year of college hoops.

As Peter Bean has written on numerous occasions the attraction of top talent to Texas appears to be acting as an NBA one year placeholder given the turnstile of talent at UT. While the fortunes for those who have benefited from playing for the Longhorns for at least a season are obvious, no less damning to the program's upside has been the too soon departures of this talent.

While we don't know for certain if Myck will declare, it certainly is well within reason to assume he will do so especially given his lack of ties to the region and seemingly what other players from Findlay have elected.

I hope he returns but if not then a big hook 'em to Myck and his future.