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Texas Football 2012: 'Horns Unveil New Practice Uniforms

Look what you started, Oregon.

The school's connections to Nike and Phil Knight have meant some rather wild uniform combinations for the Ducks in recent years, in turn increasing interest around the country in alternate uniforms for their own school.

Texas is also a Nike school and would be one of the first to have the option of adding a new uniform for special occasions. However, Texas also has some of the most simple, iconic uniforms in the country and won't risk angering the many traditionalists who see no reason for a change.

The power brokers at the school fall into that traditionalist category as well, settling for new practice uniforms instead, which will debut this fall during camp:

There's also a white jersey, but for some reason that tweet can't be embedded. The practice unis will also have matching pants (black and orange).

It's not clear if fans will ever see the uniforms anywhere other than at open practices, but future spring games could be a possibility. The new unis should be fun for the players and will also provide something to show future recruits.

The school also revealed the concept drawings for those practice uniforms: