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Final Four Open Thread

Tonight we get two of the last three games of the season, with two highly intriguing games -- one for its match up and one for its storyline. The storyline, of course, is Kentucky and Louisville, and if you don't have family in Kentucky, you probably don't understand the full extent of the intensity of this rivalry. Add to that the Final Four setting, and the Pitino-Calapari feud, and this is as intense as it gets. I'm excited to see whether this hyper-talented Kentucky team is fazed by the pressure, or if they steamroll Louisville as their talent advantage suggests they should.

In the nightcap, Ohio State is not far behind Kentucky as a team, but they haven't always played like it this year. Their defense certainly has in this Tournament, though, and the Jayhawks have barely been tested this March, facing three double-digit seeds and a Marshall-less North Carolina. Kansas' two bona fide stars are great players, but a strong game from Jeff Withey is critical tonight. I'm watching to see if either Sullinger or Robinson struggles to stay on the floor with foul trouble -- Sullinger has barely played in the first half of each of the last three games. Ohio State has the better depth to weather foul trouble, though, and if Robinson has to sit for extended minutes, the Jayhawks will be in trouble.

Should be a fun evening. Enjoy it while it lasts.