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Cal Crushes Texas 12-2; Sunday Open Thread

And that is the last time we'll post about how lucky/unlucky Texas has been. The Golden Bears bunted four times in the first inning but Texas was only able to make one out on those four attempts. Throw in some bad defense and all of a sudden it was 4-0 Cal after one. Cal got a leadoff double in the third then used a pair of bloop singles to left that would have shattered a wooden bat and a Jordan Etier throwing error to make it 6-0 through 3. The Golden Bears eventually made it 7-0 before Texas threw in the towel with rarely seen relief pitchers Kirby Bellow, Justin Peters and Austin Dicharry giving up five runs and a pair of home runs that had nothing to do with luck.

Interestingly, Christian Summers got the start at SS and added a pair of errors. Summers may not be a bad defender, but the sophomore is in such a rut that even routine plays are tough for him to make. We didn't hear why Augie started Summers (moving Etier to 2B) considering the success Texas has had of late, but the freshman Marlow relieved Summers in the 5th and we wouldn't expect to see Christian in meaningful action anytime soon.

So the Horns get blown out and now each team has a big victory in the series. Credit to Cal starter Matt Flemer (8 IP, 9 H, 2 ER, 1 BB) for controlling a hot Texas lineup. The Horns and Golden Bears return to action today at 1 PM to settle the series once and for all. A series win would erase all of the bad taste from Saturday's loss. Today's game is on ESPN3, so you can watch it at the same time as you're unable to find the Spring Game.