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So, Back in the Day Kenny V and RGIII Were Boys

Lil KV had to dig way back in the archives to find this picture of older brother Kenny and Robert Griffin III:

Guessing that RGIII was a little faster on that day. Still is, of course, but how awesome is that picture?

RGIII is still taller than Kenny V, but not by as much as they were at that time. The elder Vaccaro had a growth spurt late in high school that pushed him over 6-0 and his younger brother was always hoping for the same. Despite some rumors that Kevin was closing in on around 5-10 prior to his senior season, he certainly didn't look it on his highlight videos. Random minutea, that.

Either way, funny that by those time just a little over a year from now, those two kids who were standing on that track together all those years ago will be getting paid as NFL players. One of them owning a Heisman trophy and the other looking to add some hardware of his own before heading to the league. Nice.