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Congratulations to Jeff Haley (aka Reggieball)

We take a lot of pride in providing the most in-depth analyis of Texas Longhorns basketball found anywhere, and I don't have to tell you that the addition of Reggieball this past season has really elevated our coverage to a whole new level.

I'm incredibly proud to announce that Reggieball -- whose real name is Jeff Haley -- has just been announced as the winner of the "Stat Geek Idol" competition hosted by TeamRankings. The Stat Geek Idol competition invited basketball stat writers to submit an entry to Team Rankings, the top 64 of which were selected for the competition. From there, the judges selected the 16 best for the Sweet 16 round and then asked each of the 16 writers to pen a new hoops stat article. Jeff received the second-higest score in the Round of 64, and his Sweet 16 entry got the highest mark, earning him a spot in the Final Four.

Each of the Final Four competitors was asked to write one more piece, and Jeff's scribe on "Hurry Up Offense: How Pushing the Pace Affects Shooting and Rebounding Rates" was voted the winner!

And who were the Final Four judges? You might have heard a couple of the names:

Mark Cuban (Owner, Dallas Mavericks)
Dean Oliver (Director of Production Analytics, ESPN; author of Basketball on Paper)
Ken Pomeroy (; ESPN Insider)
Jeff Ma (author of The House Advantage; co-founder, Citizen Sports)

Please join me in congratulating Jeff for winning this prestigious competition. We already knew he was the best, but what an awesome honor to have him win this competition. The $1,000 prize isn't too shabby, either.

Hook 'em, Reggieball!