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Bevo's Roundup: 4/27/2012


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Mack Brown is making friends in West Virginia. [Daily Mail]

Avery Bradley has taken his game to the next level. [SI]

The way it used to be...[Texas Alcade]


Mike Gundy has made a decision. [ESPN]

Oklahoma State plans to start Wes Lunt at quarterback for its season opener, the first time in school history that a true freshman is in the role.

Illinois native Lunt, a 6-foot-4, 211-pound traditional passer, enrolled early this spring and outdueled his more experienced competition to win the job, coach Mike Gundy announced Thursday.

Dana Holgorsen does not seem too concerned about the competition in the Big 12. [MSN Sportsnet]

K-State QB Collin Klein does whatever it takes to win. [Washington Post]

Tommy Tuberville finally has the defensive staff he wants. [Dallas Morning News]

Oklahoma was a better place when Les Miles was around.[McClatchy/Tribune]

Bedlam football was a lot more fun when Les Miles coached Oklahoma State. He loved poking a stick in Bob Stoops' side. More often than not, he got Stoops to take the bait and say something in retaliation.

Frank Martin did not leave K-State under duress. [SI]

Frank Martin says he didn't leave Kansas State because of problems with Wildcat officials or administrators, no matter how much some believe that's the main reason he took South Carolina's basketball job.

"I didn't run away from Kansas State,'' Martin told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

One of our newest members has an idea about our new commissioner. [The Smoking Musket]


Texas A&M President, R. Bowen Loftin loves athletics! [San Antonio Express-News]

"Ultimately, the buck stops at your desk," he told a crowd assembled by A&M's Laboratory for the Study of Intercollegiate Athletics. "And the accountability directed at you by your board has to be dealt with. If we screw up in a major way in terms of making a decision in athletics, that may be the end of your presidency."


Where were you the day college football changed? [SI]

We gather here today to pay our respects to a fallen regime. The two-team BCS National Championship Game, college football's annually frustrating, fascinating and infuriating culmination, will soon cease to exist. Any lingering doubts were put to rest Thursday following three days of commissioner meetings here at the Westin Diplomat.

The conference commissioners seemed optimistic. [Chicago Tribune]

It won't be perfect, but at least it will be better. [Sporting News]

Alert the BCS computers. America’s most hated institution is in danger of losing its status.

It’s the BCS itself. There are strong indications the morons in charge have developed ears.

College football’s power brokers are meeting this week in Hollywood, Fla. They’ve heard the cries of millions of fans and may ultimately deliver a college football playoff.

Everyone is concerned about the future of the Rose Bowl. [NY Times]

Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds identified the Rose Bowl as an impediment to making a playoff system a reality. Jim Delany, the Big Ten commissioner, said he and Dodds had disagreed on a playoff for two decades, and he tweaked Dodds, saying that he should be excited as "the discussions become more mature."

The status quo is out. [The Daily Reflector]

As always, Notre Dame will be just fine in all of this. [CBS Sports]

The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics has another idea about distributing the hundreds of million dollars in new BCS media rights revenue. [CBS Sports]

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