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Ags Take Series; Texas Looks to Salvage One

The Longhorn baseball team has played like the young, inexperienced squad it is in the first two games of this important series against Texas A&M, and the Aggies have taken advantage in winning the first two games and the series. Thanks to walk-off heroics from the Longhorn softball team, there is still a chance to wrap up the Lone Star Showdown on a diamond this weekend; but A&M has earned the baseball point. Now the question is whether Texas can maintain a good shot at second place in the Big 12 by taking today's series finale.

If the Texas fielders can't pick up their game, then an Aggie sweep is imminent. The only number you need to know about A&M's 12-4 laugher is five: the number of errors Texas committed in the game. The Texas infield was abysmal, digging a hole the Longhorns couldn't climb out of. It was an ugly performance and it netted A&M its first series victory over Texas since 2003. So while it's disappointing to lose this series, Texas fans should keep in mind that A&M leaves the conference having been decidedly owned the Longhorns, in baseball as in all else. Both recent and distant history tell the story of an elite baseball program destroying its pretender little brother, and of that we can all remain proud.

The series finale is today at 2:00 CDT on Longhorn Network.