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Too Lazy To Read? We've Got You Covered

This is that time of year where my contributions to BON run a little thin, as I'm once again immersed in the production of the football preview magazine. I'm also working with Reggieball on a big basketball series of posts for BON, which hopefully will begin to run in May.

Along with the great contributions from Wescott, Dime, 40AS, and others at BON, I'm delighted that SB Nation has now begun to produce some pretty kickass video content. If you're an NFL junkie, you probably saw lots of the great NFL Draft video content that SBN produced over the past few days, but let me encourage you to subscribe to the SB Nation YouTube channel to stay up to speed on the plethora of other great content that our studio is producing.

If nothing else, subscribe so that you don't miss an episode of Shutdown Fullback, the college football romper room for Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk. If you like EDSBS LIVE, you'll definitely love Shutdown Fullback. Which is like EDSBS LIVE, except good, and well-produced.

Also, too: although we're still gearing up, Wescott and I will soon begin producing Texas-specific videos to the SBN/BON YouTube channel.

So take a moment and support your local bloggers. Thanks to all of you who read and support BON and SB Nation. We genuinely appreciate it.