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Texas Football 2012: Post-Spring Offensive Depth Chart

This is the starting group that should trot on the field in the fall for Texas (Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE).
This is the starting group that should trot on the field in the fall for Texas (Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE).

Texas head coach Mack Brown hasn't been big on depth charts the last two springs, opting instead to refer to a "pecking order" in 2011 and little talk at all this spring about where players fall.

This year, it's been all about depth and developing a two deep on both sides of the ball. Even at quarterback.

Despite the lack of an official depth chart, Brown still did reveal where the players currently fall based on who came out with the first team in the Orange-White game and who came out with the second team.

Without further ado, then, here's the best guess at what a depth chart would look like for the offense emerging from the spring. If the Longhorns had a depth chart.

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Wide Receiver (H) 81 Miles Onyegbule OR 9 John Harris
Wide Receiver (Z) 1 Mike Davis | 3 DeSean Hales
Tight End (Y) 89 Barrett Matthews OR 88 MJ McFarland | 82 Luke Poehlmann
Right Tackle 68 Josh Cochran | 70 Paden Kelley
Right Guard 72 Mason Walters | 79 Thomas Ashcraft
Center 55 Dominic Espinosa | 73 Garrett Porter
Left Guard 75 Trey Hopkins | 66 Sedrick Flowers

Left Tackle 51 Donald Hawkins | 77 Luke Poehlmann
Wide Receiver (X) 8 Jaxon Shipley | 84 Marquise Goodwin | 16 Bryant Jackson
Quarterback 14 David Ash | 6 Case McCoy
Tailback 24 Joe Bergeron OR 28 Malcolm Brown | 5 Jeremy Hills
| 26 D.J. Monroe
Fullback 30 Ryan Roberson | 36 Alex De La Torre |

H-Back 18 DJ Grant | 18 Darius Terrell

Place-Kicker 31 Ben Pruitt | 14 William Russ

A few thoughts:

  • At the third wide receiver position, it's a bit of a difficult call -- Onyegbule is slotted to make the move to H-back in the fall, but John Harris missed time this spring, so it's hard to give him the starting nod. -OR- alert!
  • In two receiver sets, Davis and Shipley should be the two starters.
  • It was a tough call on Barrett Matthews and MJ McFarland at tight end -- McFarland is clearly the future there, but isn't as strong of a blocker as Matthews, who could also see some time at fullback. So, I did what Mack Brown does and put in an -OR-.
  • The starting line is pretty well set, with Espinosa playing well enough in the spring game to hold on to his starting job. The only real question is whether Flowers and Ashcraft may be reversed in terms of what side of the line they play on. In the end, it probably doesn't matter much and it would take a review of the film, not currently available to me, to determine where they were on Sunday.
  • Giving the slight edge to Bergeron right now at running back, but put in the -OR- since he and Brown are essentially co-starters and will probably remain that way. When super-blue Johnathan Gray arrives in the fall, could there be two -OR-s on the depth chart with co-co-starters?
  • And, of course, Ash the starter at quarterback.