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Devonta Pollard Update: Mizzou Is Out, Hoya Assistant Rob Kirby to LSU

The last time we checked in on Devonta Pollard, the most recent news was related to his decision to delay selecting among his four finalist schools: Texas, Alabama, Georgetown and Missouri. There hasn't been any word from Pollard or his family since then, but in recent days the landscape of Pollard's recruitment has changed.

First of all, Missouri appears to be out of scholarships for 2012. Having not been blackballed in the Jordan Clarkson sweepstakes, the Tigers were able to land the Tulsa transfer, who will count against the scholarship limit in 2012-13, despite having to sit out.

Second, three days before Pollard decided to put off making his decision, Georgetown assistant coach Rob Kirby -- the Hoyas' top recruiter and point man on Pollard -- accepted a job on Johnny Jones' staff at LSU. Kirby's departure from the program may not necessarily impact Georgetown's standing with Pollard, but it certainly changes the dynamic of his relationship with the program, and would seem to make the Hoyas less likely to secure his commitment.

In theory, Kirby's arrival in Baton Rouge could open the door for the Tigers to make a late push, but right now, the last week of news would appear to elevate Texas and Alabama to likely favorites to land Devonta Pollard. There remains no update on Pollard's timeline for a decision.