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Bevo's Roundup: 5/14/2012

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


The new Big 12 Commish just called Texas an 800-pound gorilla. [Houston Chronicle]

"The University of Texas is always going to be an 800-pound gorilla," Bowlsby said.

Horn recruit Kennedy Estelle wants to make an immediate impact. [AAS]

Longhorn FB Jamison Berryhill has signed a free agent contract with the Ravens. [KVUE]


Could the Big 12 become an aggressor? [CBS Sports]

Kansas coach Charlie Weis came in with a talent black hole. [KU Sports]

ISU coach Paul Rhodes has a new contract. [Indianapolis Star]

Is OU a program is disarray? [Tulsa World]

Bob Stoops means business. [Norman Transcript]

K-State reports a secondary football violation. [Kansas City-Star]

Behind Bars

WVU players stole Doritos and Gatorade. [KDFW]

Sooners being Sooners. [Sporting News]

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops announced the indefinite suspension of four players for a violation of team rules, the school announced.

Receivers Kameel Jackson, Trey Franks and Jaz Reynolds, and backup safety Quentin Hayes, were all reprimanded. According to, Franks, the team’s leading kick returner, is out for all of 2012 and Reynolds is suspended for seven games. Oklahoma did not confirm lengths of the suspensions.

Mack Brown is taking his players' arrests very seriously. [AAS]


It has been a bumpy drive to the SEC. [Aggie Sports]

The Aggies have high expectations for their next AD. [Houston Chronicle]

"We want a leader who can move us into the (Southeastern Conference) and, throughout the entire range of sports that we compete in, make certain that we have the best coaches and best facilities and best circumstances for our student-athletes to be successful, both on and off the playing field," Loftin said.

"We want someone who can guide university decision-making as far as media relations in athletics are concerned, to make sure we maximize the visibility of Texas A&M," Loftin added. "Not simply for athletics, but the entire university. Someone who really can take us forward into this new era for Texas A&M."

A&M may be looking to the University of Houston for their AD. [Houston Chronicle]

It wasn't a divorce, only a separation. [Fox Sports]

Finebaum asked Sumlin about the Texas specifically, asking Sumlin to address the "public divorce" that occurred when A&M left the Big 12 for the SEC.

"Quite frankly, the move to the SEC has really, really, in the state, kind of separated us," Sumlin said. "I think it's really given a clear choice to prospective students and student-athletes here in the state, given that you have the Big 12, you have the Big East and the SEC and I think that there's some clear differences between the leagues. I've seen the change in recruiting. There are guys out there that understand that the SEC is, without a doubt, the best conference, the best league to play in, particularly when it comes to football."

At least they can have one victory next year. A&M won the College Game Day vote. [Lost Lettermen]


Sporting News ranks college football coaches. [Sporting News]

Is the game to blame for head injures? [Columbia Tribune]

A college football playoff is not a panacea. [The Detroit News]

I've never been an advocate of a playoff for fear it would damage the exceptionally tense regular season. And on the whole, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with the game — at least not anything easily fixable. The quixotic quest for equity is preposterous in a sport that has 120 Football Bowl Subdivision programs of varying sizes, shapes and styles.

This is an attempt to satisfy the gripers and acknowledge the bowl system has gotten a bit stale. Beyond that, it's a money grab, although no one really knows how the money is going to be distributed. And for every controversy it purports to solve, it'll create another.

Pitt is suing the Big East. [SI]

The Good, The Bad, The Sanctioned

If college athletes were paid, the snack crime rate would drop. [ESPN]

And finally...

Kudos to Missouri and A&M for that inspiring financial move to the SEC. [ESPN]


First-tier rights: $480 million, ESPN, eight years through 2015-16
Second-tier rights: $1.17 billion, FOX, 13 years through 2024-25
Per-year average: $150 million
Per-school, per-year average: $15 million


First-tier rights: $825 million, CBS, 15 years through 2023-24
Second-tier rights: $2.25 billion, ESPN, 15 years through 2023-24
Per-year average: $205 million
Per-school, per-year average: $14.6 million

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