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College Football Playoffs: DeLoss Dodds Lays Out Plans

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Prior to the emergence of yet another realignment saga, the hot topic just days ago was the coming changes to the BCS and the proposed four-team playoff to crown a national champion.

Besides the debate about whether a four-team or eight-team playoff makes more sense, the most pressing questions are the method of selection for those final four teams and the venues for the final three games. Should there be a selection committee as there is in basketball? The same BCS standings that currently select the final two teams? Some other set of computer rankings?

On Tuesday, Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds laid out his vision of how he would like to see those teams chosen:

In Dodds' version, four teams would be selected by a blue-ribbon committee of "seven or nine" objective panelists who are very familiar with college football and follow the game passionately. "They'd be people who have football backgrounds and who are not biased," Dodds said.

So, the Longhorn AD is on record now as supporting the committee method, but what about tie-ins to conference champions? Dodds would prefer to pick four teams at large instead of picking the conference champions, which would leave make things difficult regarding independents like Notre Dame and BYU.

And that pesky issue of which sites to use?

And I'd have them bid it out to cities and stadiums for the three games, and I favor neutral sites for the games because using the campuses would be too much of an advantage.

Dodds sees the playoffs as separate from the bowl games, which would still continue as normal after the selection of the four playoff teams.

So, is Dodds on the mark here? Is a selection committee the best way to go about this and should the semifinal games be at neutral sites or home games for the higher-seeded team?

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