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Longhorns Clobbered in Waco; Game Two Open Thread

Dillon Peters faced a monumental task on Thursday night, facing one of America's best teams on the road against one of America's best starters. It didn't go well. Peters made just four outs and left the game down 3-0. Nathan Thornhill would give up four more runs in relief and the Bears were simply better on Thursday night ultimately winning 16-5 (but, hey! 5 runs!). It's hard not to try and draw parallels between last night and a 2008 31-12 loss at the hands of Missouri. That game was followed by another 12-2 slaughter before freshman Chance Ruffin turned around the franchise's fortunes.

All is not lost, however. Texas has its best pitcher saved for tonight in former closer Corey Knebel. A win today would go a long way, so hopefully the Horns can be on top of their games.

First pitch is at 6:30 and it's available on the LHN.