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Bevo's Roundup: The Silly Season Continues Part Deux


All the Big 12ish Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


We just aren't as good as we used to be. [AAS]

The university prizes its national championships, bathing its tower in an orange glow for each and every one. That used to happen at least once or twice a year, but it has occurred only once in the past six. And during that same span of time, rival Texas A&M has won eight national championships, and Stanford — which was featured as Texas' rival for the country's top overall athletic program on a Sports Illustrated cover a decade ago — has won 11.

Is Mack Brown washed up? [SI Fan Message Board]

Deloss Dodds on superconferences:

When asked if superconferences could be on the college football horizon, Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds said they're likely still a long way out.

"I think that's way, way out there," Dodds told the Austin American-Statesman's Kirk Bohls. "The Big Ten likes where they are; they don't want to change. The Pac-12's got all they can get. I don't see superconferences for a while. I think it'd take a crisis for that to happen." [Dallas Morning News]

Texas still believes in the student-athlete concept. [ESPN]

It is undeniable that the University of Texas is one of the best and brightest public institutions of higher education in the country. While the state's unofficial credo is everything is bigger and better in Texas, the Longhorns' athletic department is no different in scope, intent or reality.

"Graduating kids is more important than winning," Texas athletics director DeLoss Dodds said. "We can't convince the public of that but it's true. Football graduation rates at Texas are as high as they've ever been at 71 percent. Getting that degree is what it's all about."


This may come as a shock, but there are other things going on besides realignment. Here's your Big 12ish baseball bracket. [SB Nation]

Are the Jayhawks just planning ahead? [KU Sports]

We knew all along that current Kansas University football coach Charlie Weis had been paid by his former employer to go away.

But now we know how much Notre Dame paid him.

The Pokes have high expectations for next season. [Sporting News]

The Cyclones will have a blue-collar line. [Quad City-Times]

“It’s a blue-collar group, and the depth there is as good as we’ve had since I came back to Iowa State. They go about their business the right way, and I was pleased with the progress I saw from our offensive line during the spring.”

Davenport Assumption grad Tuftee, a 6-foot-4, 318-pound junior, tops the depth chart at left guard, while Lichtenberg, a 6-6, 294-pound junior from Bettendorf, is in the mix at left tackle.

Conference Chaos

The conference is back eating at the big boy's table. [Boston Herald]

The Big 12 and the SEC should take over the world. [Dawg Sports]

Florida State has only itself to blame for the ACC misery. [Orlando Sentinel]

For once, Clay Travis wrote an intelligent, thoughtful piece. The future of the ACC may not be so good. [Out Kick The Coverage]

Austin is only fourteen hours away...[Tallahassee Democrat]

As a member of the ACC, FSU is within a 10-hour drive of seven member teams. For the price of a few tanks of gas and a night or two in a hotel, fans can follow their team at home and on the road. In the Big 12, the closest team would be the University of Texas in Austin, nearly 14 hours away.

Before the BCS there were no smoke-filled rooms, just an ice cream parlor and a CF deal. [AAS]

Some wonder if last week's announcement of the new SEC-Big 12 bowl could return college football to its chaotic days of decades ago when bowls arranged their matchups far in advance of the end of the regular season to get big television draws and attendance grabbers. Neinas doesn't think so and would like to correct the perception that such deals were made in smoke-filled backrooms. Neinas can remember a Friday night before a Missouri game in 1973 when he, as the Big Eight commissioner, took his two young sons to a Baskin Robbins and met with then-Southwest Conference Commissioner Cliff Speegle, and they arranged for Nebraska to play Texas in the Cotton Bowl. "So there were no smoke-filled rooms. We were sitting in an ice cream parlor. Those days (of early arrangements) are gone. Bear Bryant couldn't name his opponent any more."

There isn't a conference consensus on expansion. [NBC Sports]

Jerry Jones may get in on the Big 12-SEC bowl deal. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Houston wants in on the action, as well. [Houston Chronicle]

The city of Houston, however, could become a major bowl player.

On Friday, the Big 12 and SEC announced a new bowl partnership that will pit the champions from the two leagues in a yet-to-be-announced bowl game, unless said champions are part of the inevitable Final Four of football.

This SEC alliance is a little late. [News OK]

The new Big 12 and SEC agreement to match their football champions in a bowl game is a fun development for college football and another promising development for Big 12 stability.

But it comes a little late to pack the punch it could have. The new agreement is really an enhanced version of the Cotton Bowl the last decade.

The alliance starts with the 2014 season, the same season in which a four-team playoff is expected to be implemented. The odds are long that both the Big 12 and SEC champion would ever be outside the four-team playoff. In fact, most years, both champs would be among the four playoff participants.

We have our very own Rose Bowl! [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

If a college football playoff develops, will a bowl game really matter? [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Twenty years ago, the notion of Big Eight champ Oklahoma playing SEC champ Alabama on New Year’s day would have stirred the senses, but that was a time when we had to take whatever the bowls ladled out. As fat and profitable as they remain, bowls are yesterday’s news. Once the playoff arrives, only the playoff will matter.

Missouri is still annoying the Jayhawks. [Yahoo Sports]


Pass that saucer of milk over to Bill, please. Dollar Bill Byrne is snippy. [Dallas Morning News]

And according to former Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne, Texas' big-spending ways fits well with the Longhorns' public persona.

"They do everything they can to set themselves apart, that they are the very best, they are the elite," Bill Byrne told USA Today. "I believe DeLoss (Dodds, the Longhorns' longtime AD) said 'we are the Joneses.' They act that way, and they spend that way."

Things are getting ugly in College Station. Aggie faculty members are snitching on each other. [The Eagle]

Meanwhile, there was a sign during the meeting of the Board of Regents this month that the lack of merit raises going on three years are taking their toll on morale: According to one administrator, employees appear to be snitching on each other more.

The A&M System’s EthicsPoint hotline, which allows employees to anonymously report questionable behavior, netted 120 reports in the last three months, nearly double the amount in the previous three months.

“I think we’re seeing more employees reporting things they wouldn’t have before,” said Cathy Smock, the A&M System’s internal auditor, noting budget reductions and less frequent raises.

The Aggie faculty might want to ask Texas A&M University system President Michael McKinney about those raises. [The Chronicle of Higher Education]


Parents are rethinking the game of football. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Former Super Bowl-winning quarterback and current NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner stirred the pot last month when, asked if he preferred his sons not play football, he candidly responded, "Yes, I would. Can't make that choice for them if they want to, but there's no question in my mind."

Is social media good or bad for college football recruiting? [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

A motivated athlete can take something more important than just a monthly stipend. [Kansas City-Star]

What a shock. The Big Ten Network isn't interested in academic programming. [Sporting News]

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And finally...

Our condolences go out to the Mountaineers. Former WVU coach Bill Stewart passed away. [SB Nation]

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