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Bevo's Roundup: The Silly Season Continues


All the Big 12ish Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.

Hitler will not be happy if FSU squanders their shot at the Big 12.

All this hype for nothing? [SB Nation]

This has escalated quickly.

After rumors last week appeared that the Big 12 and Florida State might have mutual interest in each other, more speculation came to light about the Big 12 continuing the super-conference movement set forth by the Pac-12 and SEC last year. In addition to Florida State, Clemson and Notre Dame have been closely linked to the Big 12 in recent days.

The ever-reliable Chip Brown of, though, has slowed those rumors some -- for now.

(Did you laugh at the phrase "The ever-reliable Chip Brown of")

People in Oklahoma are just fine with 10 teams. [Tulsa World]

Maybe leaving the ACC isn't such a bad idea after all. [Augusta Chronicle]

Despite all of its efforts to build a broader football footprint with three waves of expansion starting with the Seminoles joining the league in 1992, the ACC is on the brink of getting shut out in college football’s new world order.

As the game is hurtling towards the implementation of a four-team playoff system, the usual marquee suspects are aligning to close ranks rather than expand opportunities for anyone outside the big four power conferences – the Southeastern, Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12.

Where were the Seminoles last Aatumn? [NewsOK]

The factors sowing Florida State discontent — budgetary and scheduling concerns, the basketball-centric nature of the ACC, the inferior television contract — were largely known a year ago. There’s nothing new on the landscape that has soured the Seminoles. Sure, the TV contract is new, but everyone in the ACC largely knew what was coming.

So, if Florida State really does have a wandering eye, why didn’t the Seminoles check out the Big 12 a year ago? Think about it, last autumn, after Missouri bolted for the SEC, the Big 12 was back to nine schools and absolutely needed a 10th. That’s what led to the great West Virginia/Louisville wrestling match to join the Big 12.

This whole thing is just unthinkable. [Sporting News]

The SEC and Big 12 announced a bowl partnership Friday, one that never more clearly defined the haves and have-nots of college football. If you’re not part of the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten or Pac-12, you’re on the outside with your face pressed against the big-boy glass.

The handful of powerful BCS teams remaining now have a clear decision to make: Join one of the four major conferences, or get shut out of the future of the game.

A college football world of superconferences is just inevitable. [SB Nation]

But what are the barriers to a mega-conferences world? [Team Speed Kills]

It is kill or be killed. [CBS Sports]

t's what the deal represents: If you haven't noticed, the top level of college football is now narrowed to the Big Four -- Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12 and SEC. Those 48 schools control most of the influence, power, money and, most important, product in the Football Bowl Subdivision. That shouldn't be a surprise, but the announcement of the Champions Bowl put a face on college athletics' latest study in Darwinism.

"Nothing's changed," one industry source said. "The Big East is diminished and the ACC is not the same as those other top leagues."

It is good to be the Big 12. [Rock Chalk Talk]

For two years the Big 12 has been the conference that others have come to raid when addressing the conference alignment game. First it was the Big 10 and Pac 10, then the SEC came along to snag a piece of the "crumbling" Big 12. Now, finally, the tables seem to have turned. Big, bad Texas seems ready to cooperate and work toward the greater good and all seems to be playing out nicely for a conference that had twice been on the brink of dissolving.

As a Kansas fan this is GREAT news. Our loyalty or perhaps lack of options, has been rewarded. While others found new homes or frantically lobbied for validation, we stuck by our previous alliances because it made the most sense to Kansas.

The Big 12-SEC bowl game means a Final Four. [Post and Courier]

Will Virginia Tech be looking for a new home? [Gobbler Country]

So, who would you invite to the Big 12? [Frogs O War]

What about Notre Dame? [ESPN]