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Texas Longhorn Baseball: "You're Out!"

Crying shame, that's what it is. 1998. That is the last season the Longhorns Men's Baseball team failed to make the NCAA tournament. Simple math calculates that to be 14 years ago. Fourteen straight NCAA tournament appearances. Not a bad streak, as they go.

The Longhorns could not catch a break this year. Between phenom recruits bolting for the majors (er, minors) and a rash of injuries, suspensions, and historical weak bats, the team was not able to pitch their way to the NC2A's.

Head baseball man Augie Garido, and owner of all-time most NCAA wins, met with the media after the committee announced the field. Alan Trubow at ($) memorialized the interview. One Q&A stuck out especially given the lack of traditional post-season success on the 40 Acres in recent years (no offense to women's volley ball / tennis or the swimming program).

How will this change the way you do assessments on players and where the program is?

When this kind of thing happens, first of all we have to check the water system around UT and what’s going in the water because it seems to be contagious. I think you really do have to do a thorough examination of what went wrong and how we got here. This is a championship program. We can’t change that watermark. We’re expected, and rightfully so, to live up to that. We’ve fallen way short. This is a time when you really dig into all of the details and find out what to do to fix it, and that’s one of my main jobs, to be responsible for that. So, I will.

I suppose when it is all said and done, there will always be next season. You hate it for this bunch but in a sense you are always optimistic that given the right combination of talent, the Horns will earn their way back to prominence.

Resident BON Baseball aficionados, 40AS, are on the disabled list today (which is why I'm pinch hitting) but a big ol' hat tip to their tireless coverage of Longhorn baseball. I'm certainly proud to be on their team.

In any event, a new post-season tourney streak starts in 2013.

Until then, hook 'em.