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Onto The Radar: Hawai'i DT Scott Pagano

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In the closing moments of the spring evaluation period, the Texas Longhorn coaches took the opportunity to place a phone call to Honolulu (HI) Monalua defensive tackle Scott Pagano.

Things have been in something of a holding pattern in recruiting at the position for the last several months, as Dallas Kimball's Justin Manning (offer), former signee and current Trinity Valley CC attendee Quincy Russell (he and the staff parted ways), and SA Madison's Vincent Taylor (no offer) fell off the radar. Bo Davis did make an inquiry about Dodge City CC defensive lineman Marcus Hardison, but there hasn't been any other movement on that front since.

How serious is the interest in Pagano, a three-star prospect by Rivals, 247Sports, while Scout has him as a four-star recruit? The 6-3, 280-pounder was asked by the staff to make it in for a summer camp ($).

Pagano didn't reveal if he intends to make the necessary plans to make it to Austin in the coming days -- Texas has a one-day camp on Sunday, but the best time for Pagano to visit would probably be the three-day resident camp from June 6-9. To attend that camp, the Pagano family would have to dish out over $400 to register and, based on a quick Expedia search, roughly $1,200 on a plane ticket at this late date.

In other words, Texas wants the family to drop over $1,500 just for the opportunity to possibly maybe receive an offer from the mighty 'Horns. And couldn't possibly have called Pagano, oh, you know, two weeks ago earlier in the evaluation period. No, definitely couldn't have done that.

What makes it worse? The fact that Pagano had expressed interest in making it down to Austin when he was in Texas back in March for the NFTC in Fort Worth, at which he performed admirably well ($), according to 247Sports:

Pagano traveled to Dallas from the "Big Rock" and did nothing but add to his growing reputation as one of 2013's most underrated prospect. He showed a quick first step, both active and quick feet in drills, the flexibility and agility to change direction and work down a line of scrimmage and the strength to take on and control every lineman that lined up against him throughout the day. Pagano will visit a number of schools this week while in Texas, including Texas today. Programs such as Oregon, Washington, UCLA, Nebraska, Arkansas, BYU, California and a number of others have offered.

It's not entirely clear why Pagano didn't end up visiting, but the sense here is that the coaching staff essentially told him it wouldn't be worth it because there wasn't much interest on the Texas end.

In any case, Texas has immediately vaulted into contention for Pagano, who holds over 30 offers and has recently listed LSU as his favorite. Other teams in his top group include Florida State, Florida, Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Ole Miss, as told to ESPN HornsNation.

Now, Mr. Pagano, are you willing to drop all that money on short notice so your son could possibly maybe receive an offer? Because that is apparently how Texas rolls.