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Devonta Pollard Decision Finally Set

After weeks of waiting with little to no public movement in the recruitment of Porterville (MS) Kemper County five-star small forward Devonta Pollard, the 6-7 wing is finally ready to make a decision on Friday. Hopefully.

At the last update, Missouri had run out of scholarships after taking Tulsa transfer Jordan Clarkson, while Georgetown lost an assistant coach who had been the lead on the Pollard recruitment.

The buzz seems to be around Alabama and Texas, with the Tide having the obvious advantage of proximity, while Rick Barnes can point to his success developing wings like Kevin Durant, Damion James, and Jordan Hamilton. And while the Texas program hasn't been achieving at the expected level, the profile of the program still remains on a much higher plane than that of Alabama.

For a detailed scouting report on Pollard, read this.