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"Ban College Football" Open Thread

This evening, at 6:45 pm EST, there will be a four-person panel consisting of Malcolm Gladwell and Buzz Bissinger arguing for the banning of college football and Tim Green and Jason Whitlock arguing to keep the sport alive. Who will wiin!?!?!? Will college football still exist tomorrow!?!?!? These are all stupid questions, and should be ignored.

There's also an open thread over at the mothership, where Jason Kirk accurately points out that this all sort of misses the point, because the real issue here is how to help reduce head injuries in the game. Nevertheless, the debate will happen and you can stream it live here.

Kirk and Bill Connelly held their discussion yesterday and, going out on a limb here, there's a strong chance that they were more thoughtful than anything that Jason Whitlock can muster.

And I'm about ready to reach my word count right about....okay, almost, one Debate away.