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Has Dontre Wilson Eliminated Texas?

The 'Horns may no longer be in the mix for Dontre Wilson (Photo by the author).
The 'Horns may no longer be in the mix for Dontre Wilson (Photo by the author).

[Update]: Multiple reports that Dontre's father is saying Texas hasn't been eliminated. It seems that the two are either not on the same page or Dontre's quotes to were taken out of context. --Wescott

DeSoto all-purpose back Dontre Wilson, the 2013 speedster from the Texas high school powerhouse, may be close to eliminating the Texas Longhorns from consideration. In fact, it may have already happened.

Originally slated to make a decision between Texas and Oregon at the Eagle spring game in late May, Wilson told the Ohio State Rivals site that he is down to the Buckeyes and Ducks ($), making no mention of the Longhorns, in a report published on Wednesday. There had been some talk in recent weeks that Urban Meyer's squad was in the running for the 5-10, 175-pounder.

Here's the quote from Wilson, as relayed by

It's just Oregon and Ohio State, that's my top two. I'm not looking at any other schools right now, just those two.

The smart money has been on Oregon for some time, as Wilson has apparently not bought into what the Texas coaches are telling him -- that he'll play the DJ Monroe role, but will actually get the ball. Understandable skepticism, no doubt.

The other breaking news from Wilson on Wednesday is that he may no longer announce at his spring game, instead opting to hold off on his decision, likely in order to take a visit to Ohio State, though he did not indicate any plans for a visit in the interview.

Is Texas out of it? It may be too early to say that definitively, but the odds of the 'Horns landing Wilson seem to be dropping. If there's any positive here, is that there have been consistent reports that his family would prefer to keep him close to home and Wilson has indicated previously that he would probably be committed to Oregon already were it not for the distance factor.