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Devonta Pollard Decision: Five-Star Prospect Chooses Alabama

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UPDATE: Devonta Pollard has committed to Alabama.

Blue chip basketball recruit Devonta Pollard is ready to announce his college destination today, scheduling a 5:00 p.m. CT press conference to name his choice. In our last update, I noted that Missouri had run out of scholarships after taking Tulsa transfer Jordan Clarkson, while Georgetown lost Rob Kirby (the assistant coach who had been the lead on the Pollard recruitment) to LSU.

While the Tigers and Hoyas -- and even LSU -- all have a chance to land the prized prospect, Alabama and Texas appear to be the frontrunners, with the Tide having the obvious advantage of proximity, while Rick Barnes can point to his success developing wings like Kevin Durant, Damion James, and Jordan Hamilton.

My gut is saying that Pollard will choose to stay closer to home, but I can't help but think Rick Barnes' reputation developing NBA talent is going to be hard to pass up. Or who knows, maybe Pollard will pull a Deandre Daniels and sign with someone nobody is talking about.

This is you open thread. We'll update with the decision as soon as Pollard announces.