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Clear Lake TE Jordan Davis: 2015 Introduction

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As the Texas coaching staff begins to seriously evaluate 2014 prospects, there are a handful of players in the following class who are already garnering interest and offers. When speaking with Jake Raulerson's father at the Texas state track meet, I picked up the name Nathan Elliott, who started for Celina as a freshman and looks a bit like Tim Tebow with his build and left-handedness.

Another early name to know is one that emerged in an unlikely place -- tight end Jordan Davis of Houston Clear Lake, who is currently down in Florida impressing observers at the Jimbo Fisher's camp. At 6-4 and 250 pounds, Davis is already a ridiculously big kid for his age and made 2013 Florida commit Daniel McMillian, who is ranked among the best inside linebacker in the class, look bad on one rep captured by SBNation recruiting editor Bud Elliott:

Jordan Davis v. Daniel McMillian.MOV (via FSUncensored)

Even though Davis tried to use his hands and lost his footing there, he showed some impressive fluidity and movement to shake McMillian, who got caught looking into the backfield and trying to jump the route.

For his efforts on the day, Davis earned an offer from the Seminoles, though it remains to be seen whether he can remain at the tight end position or if he will grow into an offensive tackle. Most tight ends who are around 15 years old who weight 250 pounds end up there, though his pure height isn't quite optimal for the position. Depending on how he develops, he might be better served to develop the functional strength necessary for blocking, while attempting to keep his mass at a level where he can still move well enough to play tight end.

It's also worth noting that Davis is listed at 220 pounds on Hudl, which looks more accurate based on the film above, and worked split out as a wide receiver as a freshman, where he used his ball skills to outjump defensive backs.

File the name away.