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Torrodney Prevot Reveals Favorites, Tentative Commitment Timetable

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From the Texas perspective, there hasn't been a lot of positive momentum recently regarding the recruitment of 2013 Alief Taylor defensive end Torrodney Prevot -- the edge-rushing prospect hasn't been on campus since the first Junior Day.

Prevot also missed the J10 Texas camp he was scheduled to attend, though it wasn't a case of simply not wanting to be there, as the four-star prospect had to work and could not take the time off.

Last Thursday, in an interview with Horns Nation, Prevot revealed his current favorites ($): Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, LSU, Oklahoma, Cal, USC and Oregon.

Of those schools, Prevot has only visited Texas, Texas A&M, and LSU, as well as Cal, which received a visit for their camp over the weekend, with Prevot reportedly standing out in linebacker drills. He plans to make trips to Texas and USC in the coming weeks, though both are only tentatively scheduled at this point.

At the last check in, Prevot had planned on waiting until the fall to make his decision in order to take an official visit to Oregon ($). Following that Horns Nation interview, it's not clear if that visit will happen, as Prevot indicated that he would like to commit before the end of the summer, likely in July. Obviously, if that is the case, Oregon won't get a visit unless he makes an unofficial while he's in the state for The Opening.

As for the Longhorns, the athletic defender gave a brief statement on where Texas stands with him, saying "Texas is still very high on my list." Short and sweet, but welcome news for Longhorn recruitniks.

As far as the major factors in his recruitment, it does not appear that proximity is a consideration, but he did mention the prospects of early playing time, which may be relatively limited in his first season if Jackson Jeffcoat stays for his senior season, as Prevot would have to battle with senior Reggie Wilson and sophomore Torshiro Davis to get on the field. In the 2014 season, however, the depth chart would open up with only Davis and Bryce Cotrrell in the mix at the weakside position, as well as 2013 pledge Daeshon Hall, if his commitment sticks.

Prevot did grow up a Longhorn fan and while that no doubt has helped keep Texas high on his list, it is unlikely to be the deciding factor.

The other two schools that will certainly be in the mix are LSU and Texas A&M, schools that have received multiple visits from Prevot. As with any recruitment, the schools that are able to create the greatest level of familiarity through more than one visit hold the edge, which is why a return trip to Austin is so crucial for the Longhorns.