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GTFO Aggies Series: Day 2 - Annoying Aggie Co-Workers

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During the month of June, BON authors will memorialize the final days of the UT-A&M rivalry through a series of perspectives, as seen through The Eyes of Texas, to include essays, personal reflections and commemorations of significant note.

Dealing with Aggies in any setting can be extremely difficult. The best decision I've ever made on Twitter was to start blocking A&M fans who would come at me with really inane comments. I pretty much don't have any Aggie followers any more and consider that a good thing overall.

Since we all have to work for a living (or most of us, at least), that means that we will inevitably come into contact with Aggies in the workplace. This can be extremely difficult, because the professional environment requires professional behavior. The type of behavior that Aggieness makes fundamentally difficult.

Years ago during college I used to travel to Houston at times related to my editing job. I'll be blunt about this -- I hate Houston. I hate the humidity, I hate how long it takes to drive everywhere, I hate the way that people drive there, and, perhaps most of all, I hate how many Aggies there are in Houston.

I guess it's understandable -- I mean, it's not like A&M grads can find jobs in College Station. The proximity and the fact that Houston presents a familiar environment of suck that can keep Aggies from becoming too homesick for the fields of College Station, even if there aren't as many sheep in such an urban environment. Aggie sad face.

On one such visit, my boss was taking me around, introducing me to the co-workers that I never really saw working remotely. My boss would introduce me and note that I was going to school at Texas. The Aggies would smile and make a crack about how they were sorry that I lived in Austin.

As if it was somehow poisonous to live in such cesspool of liberal thought, music, art, and entertainment. As if Houston and College Station could somehow compare.

The cities don't compare, at all, as every reasonably sane person knows.

I would smile and laugh my fake laugh. I quickly discovered that these Aggies didn't have much of a sense of humor -- they would all essentially make the same non-joke joke and by the third, fourth, and fifth times that I heard such idiotic comments, my fake laugh was becoming more and more forced.

Like, extremely forced. There was probably an anger vein throbbing mightily on my forehead due to the strain.

While their "jokes" rode the borderline of polite conversation (at best), it seemed clear that I had to just smile and take it. Pointing out that Austin is actually awesome and that it's College Station and Houston that irredeemably suck could have exploded their little heads and I didn't want to be responsible for that. Or, you know, it could have started a serious argument.

Even writing about it years later has brought back all that old anger and irritation. Not to mention the trauma and injustice of not being able to defend my beloved adopted city and my beloved alma mater. Thanks for that, unprofessional douches.

Please feel free to share your own Aggie co-worker horror stories, though neither I nor BON can accept responsibility/liability for any emotional trauma that may result from re-visiting those memories. Do so at your own peril.

And remember -- dealing with Aggie co-workers is a necessary evil if you're going to live in Texas, even in Austin, so fake smiling and nodding may have to become a part of your arsenal. Unless you want to just note that Eternal Scoreboard is Eternal, bitches!

If only they could GTFO of our workplaces like they did our conference.