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Texas Men's Golf: National Final Bound!

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The University of Texas Men's Golf team defeated Oregon 3-2 in match play on Saturday to advance to the finals against Alabama. And they did it when the two ringers on the team fell. Julio Vega finished strong as he won the last three holes to finish off his counterpart, Andrew Vijarro, 2 up. He birdied 16 with a 20 foot putt, 17 with an 8 foot putt, and 18 with another 20 foot putt. Texas Strong.

2012 NCAA Championship Semifinal Results
Riviera Country Club
Texas vs. Oregon (in order of finish) | 3-2
Toni Hakula def. Robbie Ziegler – 3 & 1
Cody Gribble def. Jonathan Woo – 2 & 1
Daniel Miernicki def. Dylan Frittelli – 2 Up
Julio Vegas def. Andrew Vijarro – 2 Up
Eugene Wong def. Jordan Spieth – 1 Up

Julio's finish sent roars through the gallery as his teammates looked on. It was about as exciting as seeing Case McCoy rumble ino field goal range against the Aggies. Just a tremendous effort by the junior swinger.

Tomorrow's match starts at 2:00 Austin time. Following are the pairings:

Final Pairings (Central time, Alabama player v. Texas player)
12 p.m. – Bobby Wyatt vs. Toni Hakula
12:09 p.m. – Cory Whitsett vs. Dylan Frittelli
12:18 p.m. – Scott Strohmeyer vs. Cody Gribble
12:27 p.m. – Justin Thomas vs. Jordan Spieth
12:36 p.m. – Hunter Hamrick vs. Julio Vegas

Alabama is playing great golf so this one should be a doozie.

Hook 'em Horns!