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So Long Missouri. It's Been Fun...Not.

Much has been written about The University of Texas saying goodbye to long time rival wannabe Texas A&M on this board in recent weeks. The countdown for their long awaited departure began many, many, many years ago and culminates tonight at midnight. Good luck and good riddance.

Nothing has been written on this board, save for Wrangler86's post today, about the departure of Missouri. Why is that? Well, the word that comes to mind is IRRELEVANT. That's right, they never really registered on our conscientiousness.

Except for that beautiful fall evening in 2008 when, led by Chase Daniel, they came into Austin with a national ranking, pomp, and expectations. We all know how that football game ended.

So with that said, I bid adieu to the Missouri Tigers, who tomorrow will officially become a member of the Southestern Conference Eastern division where they will continue their irrelevancy.

I'll leave you with an acceptably perfect video tribute to their all-time winning quarterback hero. Mizzou, you can kiss my big fat you know what. The next time we see you on the athletic field will be too soon. Please keep your arms and legs inside the irrelevance.