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Champions Bowl - Host City Bidding..And An Interesting Twist reported yesterday that Atlanta and Dallas (Cowboys Stadium) are preliminary club house leaders in advance of next weeks submission of proposals to play host to the Champions Bowl played by the SEC and Big 12 conference winners. The bid amounts are said to be equal to ESPN's recent broadcast rights acquisition of the Rose Bowl at a cool $80,000,000.00.

Further, the report indicates the name of the game, should either city be the bid winner, would take on the official bowl game name currently played in each locale respectively the Chick-Fil-A Bowl or Cotton Bowl.

Now for the twist. Brian Etheridge of Baylor's 247Network Bears Truth ($) site tweeted an interesting component to this new post season conference alignment.

While many a CFB sports journalist is working diligently to corroborate this contract provision, just thinking about the implications will make the conference realignment conspiracy players gin up their motors. Particularly the parties in the Big East (Louisville), ACC (Florida State and Clemson), and Notre Dame whose conference switching flames have waned in recent weeks given the statements of Big 12 and correspondingly institution officials for those potentially mentioned as new members.

Rumor mongering is fun, yes? Stay tuned.