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Big 12 Media Days: Mason Walters Talks Texas Football

The unquestioned leader of the offensive line is junior guard Mason Walters, who made an appearance in Dallas at Big 12 Media Days early in the week and answered questions about his unit, the offense, the defensive tackles, and more.

Known as one of the most intense players on the team, earning comparisons to former Longhorn great Kasey Studdard, perhaps the meanest offensive lineman in the Mack Brown era, Walters had a bit of a skirmish with freshman defensive tackle Malcom Brown recently, the type of thing that happens towards the end of summer when the players start getting tired of each other. The big lineman was asked about it Tuesday and gave his candid response in an interview captured by Orangebloods.

OBTV - 1-on-1 with Mason Walters (via OrangebloodsTV)