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A'Shawn Robinson Benefiting From Experience At The Opening

Texas commit A'Shawn Robinson has used his ridiculous wingspan to win the majority of his battles at The Opening (Photo by the author).
Texas commit A'Shawn Robinson has used his ridiculous wingspan to win the majority of his battles at The Opening (Photo by the author).

[Update]: Robinson won the one-on-one DL MVP award for his efforts at The Opening. --Wescott

BEAVERTON, OR -- During his time at The Opening, Texas commit A'Shawn Robinson has had a chance to go against some of the top offensive linemen in the country, as well as receive tutelage from the likes of Detroit Lions superstar Ndamukong Suh.

Robinson said that the experience has been positive for him.

"My experience is going good. I'm matching up well with the other athletes out here. We'll all doing great, trying to beat each other, but also make each other better."

Both during and after the linemen drills and competitions, Robinson and Suh have been nearly inseparable, with the Texas commit among several plays who have clearly gone out of their way to soak up as much knowledge as possible.

"Getting the tips from him is really great. I can take it back to high school, use it right now. Using the techniques that he's teaching us, they work to perfection. Everything he tells you, you should do it, because it's the perfect technique and you should win your battle if you use it well."

Rather than working on one move in particularly, Robinson has been working on both power and finesse moves. More specifically, Robinson has been working on chops, swims, and clubs in an effort to add more diversity to an arsenal that doesn't include much more than his bullrush at this time.

But doesn't usually need anything more than his bullrush, as Jake Raulerson said that Robinson is the strongest player that he's ever gone against.

High praise from someone who works hard to make these type of events and is more than willing to steal reps from other players. Not only is Robinson the strongest the 2013 Texas bellcow has gone against, but he said it wasn't even close.

It was remarkable seeing Suh and Robinson stand next to each other and how similar they look in build. Robinson has a slight edge in height and while he doesn't nearly possess the otherworldly physique of the former Nebraska star, the frame is there.

The Suh comparisons may seem a little bit extreme considering that many believe that Robinson is a better fit on the offensive line, but despite his relative rawness at defensive tackle, he's shown enough at this event that he may be able to stick there long term.

Every good player has a great deal of believe in themselves and Robinson is no different. With the right attitude, he believes he could compare to Suh.

"I have a chance to reach that level. If I stay humble and keep my mind to it, I can reach that level," he said.

But it isn't all hard work and no play out here at Nike World Headquarters. Robinson and the other Texas pledges at the event have had a chance to strengthen their relationships during their time in Oregon.

"Yeah, we hang out during the down time that we have here, we talk about how we're doing, play around, just be kids," said the naturally strong defensive lineman.

As for Longhorn fans worried about his commitment, Robinson spoke highly of Austin and the environment at Texas.

"It's the coaches, the staff, the environment," said the Arlington Heights product. "I'm from Texas and people say all the good things about the University of Texas and I wasn't sure, but it doesn't get any better than down at Texas."

He also reiterated his simple message regarding the status of his pledge.

"It's good -- I'm 100%," he said.