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Vince Young, Ricky Williams Inducted to SB Nation CFB Hall of Fame

Frustrated with some of the processes in the actual College Football Hall of Fame, SB Nation bloggers took it upon themselves to create its own. With yours truly scheduled to serve on the Induction Committee, we let Barking Carnival handle nominations of Texas players, and after vigorous debate, the Induction Committee has arrived at its inaugural class.

In the committee's internal debates, I campaigned vigorously for both Vince Young at QB and Ricky Williams at RB (threats may or may not have been issued), and I'm delighted to report that after the final votes were tallied, both players are among SB Nation's inaugural Hall of Fame class.

Or at least the half of the class inducted by the voting committee. You, the fans, will have the opportunity to vote in the other half of the class on Wednesday and Thursday (we'll provide links and details). In the meantime, let us reminisce about two of the greatest Longhorns of all time -- honored today as two of the greatest college football players of all time.