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Prized New K Anthony Fera Out With Groin Strain

Fall practice isn't even a week old and the Texas Longhorns now have their second injury scare in the last several weeks with the acknowledgement from Texas SID that kicker Anthony Fera, the recent Penn State transfer, will miss some time after re-aggravating a groin strain. There's no timetable for his return.

The Longhorn interwebs were abuzz about the injury late Thursday and early Friday morning before the news officially came down from the school.

As with David Ash's hamstring injury, the problem with a groin strain is that it can linger, especially for a kicker. The major difference here is that Ash badly needed to be available for every possible rep in practice, while Fera is a proven commodity -- Texas just needs to make sure that he's ready as soon as possible, whether that's Wyoming, New Mexico, or Ole Miss. It's hard to see a strain keeping him out longer than that unless there's another setback with it, but that's all speculation, of course.

For the moment, Texas is rather back to square one here and will take looks at Ben Pruitt, William Russ, Michael Davidson, Nick Jordan, Nick Rose, and possibly a few drag rats if they show some flexibility and pop off their leg. And manage to refrain from being too uselessly combative to try out. One of these things is not true, but isn't outside the realm of possibility given the numbers being thrown at the position.

Hopefully, Texas won't have to find out if any of those kids can get it done. Contemplating whether they could wasn't a fun part of the offseason.