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Bevo's Roundup: 19 Days To Go

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


The Horns are looking for some swagger. [AAS]

The Longhorn football team's motto said it all.

Now let's see if the team can do it all.

The RISE theme voted on by the 2012 team spoke to Texas' desire to be Relentless, Intense and Emotional. And the players predictably included an S for Swagger.

We just ask for a little consistency. [Houston Chronicle]

The only certainty about UT's exhaustingly turbulent quarterback situation is there isn't a Young or a McCoy on the roster.

Johnathan Gray has another skill. [ESPN Horns Nation]

"Well hopefully they will never realize how good he can catch the ball. As a running back, you can carry the ball so much but you don’t realize how good his hands are. I really love it when he gets out in the open field on a swing pass or a flare route. I think that will be the biggest surprise right there."

Texas is aiming for one great kicking game. [ESPN Big 12 Bog]

Miles Onyegbule as TE? [Dallas Morning News]

There's a Wildcat help wanted sign in Mack Brown's window. [Dallas Morning News]

But the most intriguing might be freshman Jalen Overstreet, a quarterback who is built like a tailback. Overstreet could add the element of passing to wildcat plays.
"Does he have potential to do it? Absolutely," said Bryan Harsin, UT’s co-offensive coordinator. "He can move. He’s thrown the ball very well in practice. He’s a threat."

The Horns just might win a Big 12 title. [San Antonio Express-News]

Ummmm.....No. Mack Brown on the hot seat? [Boston Globe]

Mack Brown, Texas (141-39 in 14 seasons). OK, hot seat is probably a bit strong. All right very strong. Under Brown, Texas has been one of the 10 best programs in the nation for more than a decade, winning a national title and playing for another. But the Longhorns are 13-12 over the last two seasons and it’s not unfair to wonder what would happen if Texas stumbles through another so-so season.


Yes, you are.

Will the new rule changes impede Oklahoma State's special team play? [Big 12 Sports]

The Cowboys also must adjust to rule changes. Kickoffs have been moved from the 30 to the 35 and touchbacks on kickoffs will be brought out to the 25, not the 20. Considering Oklahoma State has one of the best kickoff performers in the country in Quinn Sharp and a dangerous returner in Justin Gilbert, the changes could impact the Cowboys more than any team.

It is a QB love fest in Kansas. [KU Sports]

Charlie Weis didn't need this job. [Kansas City Star]

Sooner Dominique Whaley is ready to go. [Tulsa World]

Oklahoma has some issues in the o-line. [NewsOK]

The Pokes have a talented pair of cornerbacks. [Tulsa World]

The Frog secondary is work in progress. [Ft. Worth Star Telegram]

Kansas State QB Collin Klein is tough. [Topeka Capital-Journal]

Dana Holgorsen's contract is taken care of, next comes AD Oliver luck. [Charleston Daily Mail]

In case you care...Here is the history of Baylor's mascot. [Yahoo Sports]


Little brother is acting out again. [SB Nation]

Since Missouri lost their border rival Kansas, why not just try a different border war? [Kansas City Star]

The Tigers are ready to dive right in to the Southern Evangelical Cheaters Conference SEC. [Kansas City Star]


The Run and Shoot remains one of the most powerful offenses invented. [Smart Football]

What will happen to the college football polls in 2014? [Poll Speak]

The Good, The Bad, The Sanctioned

Prosecutors in Pennsylvania want Penn State's 60 million dollar fine to fun state child centers. [Yahoo Sports]

All that Penn State trustee whining for nothing. [CBS Sports]

Penn State trustees took no formal vote but the vast majority of members voiced support Sunday for the university president's acceptance of tough penalties imposed by the NCAA over the university's handling of its child molestation scandal.

Board chairwoman Karen Peetz told fellow trustees during a Sunday evening conference call that the panel could not vote because 10 days' notice of the meeting was required, an objection two members raised at the outset of the call. But more than two dozen members of the 32-member board then voiced support for President Rodney Erickson's decision and a desire to move forward, although many criticized the NCAA sanctions themselves.

More typical news out of the SEC. [ESPN]

Auburn freshman running back Jovon Robinson is being held out of practice while the NCAA investigates allegations that his high school transcript was falsified.

Memphis City Schools said in a statement that NCAA officials contacted the school district Tuesday regarding allegations involving a former Wooddale High School athlete. The statement said schools superintendent Kriner Cash ordered an immediate investigation and that a school guidance counselor resigned after admitting to creating the fake transcript.

And the stupid

Lane Kiffin is much too busy to vote in a silly poll, people. [USA Today]

And finally...

The greatest bedtime story EVER.

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