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Is Texas Going To Use Two Quarterbacks This Season?

Mack, please tell me that you're trolling me about playing two quarterbacks. Please (Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE).
Mack, please tell me that you're trolling me about playing two quarterbacks. Please (Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE).

The quarterback debate for the Texas Longhorns has long since gotten old and frustrating. Despite head coach Mack Brown mentioning that fans of the program enjoy quarterback controversy, that's simply not the case for most. Most just want to know who the starter is going to be in 2012.

Brown doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry, and he's been extraordinarily coy about whether one has a lead over there other, willing to keep up the charade even though sophomore David Ash was the starter in the Holiday Bowl and throughout spring, and may not be receiving starter-type reps, but reportedly is taking 65% of the first-team snaps.

Seems clear that Ash is the guy -- that's not exactly news.

So what is Brown messing around with? He even dropped a startling statement on Tuesday about the value of the competition:

I really do. If we had to do it over again, we would do the same thing. And the reason is: It helped our football team over the summer.I think the young receivers are further along because both quarterbacks were out there competing and teaching those guys, and their timing in the passing game is better than it was when we left spring practice. Both of the guys still have some hope and they still have a chance. And I do think there will be times this year where we will play both of them, regardless of how we separate it. I don't think it will be like last year. It won't be the last-guy-standing type thing. But I do think that there will be times where both of them can help us in a ballgame.

I have a hot sports take on this: No. No. No. No. I could go on like this indefinitely, like a record stuck on repeat. No, no, no, nononononono.

This is a terrible idea. It was terrible last season, but necessary. It would be terrible this season, except unnecessary. Did I mention this is a bad idea?

Maybe Brown is just trolling everybody (fingers crossed for that answer). Since everyone wants to know about the position, Brown did more talking about it. He said things:

I think they both did a good job. And that's a good thing. I think we are going to have two good quarterbacks to play right now, and we'll just have to figure all that out as we go through. Still got two and a half weeks. It's not like it was last year where we are sitting here wondering. I really think that in our mind and we ask everybody in the staff room, and we'll go around and say, "Who would you play at quarterback." It's not only you all asking; we ask, too. I got the same questions you do. And the answers are good. But we are having more consensus that both could play right now and still win a game for us. I think part of that is because a game like an A&M game and a game like the Cal game, is the players have seen both of them win. So they know that most of the time around here, we have not had a backup quarterback that could go in and win. And right now is the first time that I think we are in the best shape.

More subtle hints that both Ash and McCoy may play. More subtle jabs at my sanity.

But wait, there was more talk. More things were said:

We really haven't talked about it enough because we thought they might separate themselves, and I'm sure they still might. I mean, you get a sprained ankle, sore arm; something happens usually to help. But we are excited as a staff to have two. And we don't know what we'll do in the opening game, but we don't have to know yet. Usually we try to decide the Monday before the game starts, unless, if it got clear before that, we are not playing games. I mean, we are not trying to sit here and not say anything. Very honestly, we look at it every minute of every day to see if there's something, and that's a positive that both are doing well. We really haven't decided when or how we will separate, because we still think they may separate.

Please separate. Please, please separate. Bad things could happen if the depth chart comes out and there's only an -OR- separating the two. I don't want to wish even a minor injury on someone, but I may be losing both my sanity and sense of morality here, so who knows what could happen.

I can't take another like last year, even if both are significantly improved. I want one quarterback and I don't even want to think about the other unless it's a worse-case scenario. You know, a worse-case scenario like both guys shuffling in and out again this year.

Excuse me, I'm just going to be over in the corner, hugging my knees, rocking, and muttering "no" to myself over and over and over again until I feel comforted. I apologize if there is no more content today. i could be a while.