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Bevo's Roundup: 17 Days To Go


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


The quarterback will not define the 2012 Horns. [Fox Sports]

McCoy said the Longhorns can win with either quarterback.

''Whichever way we decide to go, I know it's going to work. We have a lot of players on this team who have decided to make it work. That position (quarterback) will not define this team,'' McCoy said.

We have asked ourselves this same question. [Fox Sports]

Where have all the QBs gone?

Since 2008 the state of Texas has produced 24 quarterbacks who were ranked among the top 25 at their position by Nine of those players stayed in state and six chose Texas or Texas A&M. Five went to the SEC. Three even went to Nebraska.

What is the timeline for winning the BCS again? [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

That is just wrong. Bevo is #17 and Herbie the Husker is #9? [Yahoo Sports]


Oklahoma cornerback Aaron Colvin is one the most productive players on the team. [ESPN]

At 6-foot, 181 pounds, Colvin brings terrific acceleration, athleticism and good size to the cornerback position. He has the coverage skills to handle most Big 12 receivers and the tackling prowess to make an impact in the running game.

"Aaron Colvin coming back at corner really strengthens our defense," Mike Stoops said. "He gives us another great cover guy on the perimeter. He's very versatile, he can play all five positions and play them at a very high level."

Sooner starting receivers TBA. [NewsOK]

Oklahoma may have found Ryan Broyles replacement. [NewsOK]

They are just keeping it simple for the Sooner D. [South Bend Tribune]

Stoops is changing the defensive schemes, assigning one cornerback to the left side of the field and one to the right instead of based on which hash mark the ball is placed on. And the system will be simplified against the no-huddle, spread offenses all over the Big 12.

"He's not going to have us think so much when it's time for play-calling, for schemes and stuff," Jefferson said. "He just wants us to play ball. We have the athletes. He knows that and a lot of people know that."

Bob Stoops won't miss voting in the coaches' poll. [Tulsa World]

Stoops acknowledged to a small group of reporters Tuesday that he won’t miss the polls when college football gives itself over to a four-team playoff in 2014.

"All coaches have an agenda," Stoops said. "All coaches are biased, by their conference or whatever. And we have an agenda about where you’re at in the poll or where you rank other people. So I’ll be glad not to have to do it."

Best thoughts and wishes go out to Sooner Austin Woods for a very speedy return to the field. [NewsOK]


Welcome to the Big boy league, West Virginia. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Freshman safety K.J. Dillon was refreshingly honest about being nervous about the season - excited, he made sure to make clear, but a little nervous.

"I’m more excited than scared. I always dreamed of playing against the big guys, Oklahoma, Texas," he said. "Nervous, yes. But excited."

There are a lot of freshmen on TCU's defense. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Enough. This has to be the 208th article I've seen about TCU QB Casey Pachall admitting to marijuana use and failing a drug test. [AAS]

Does Gary Patterson like the new Frog uniforms? [Frogs O War]

Never underestimate Bill Snyder. [Yahoo Sports]

Kansas State was picked to finish near the bottom of the Big 12 last year, and didn't do anything to change expectations with a last-gasp win over Eastern Kentucky to open the season.

By the end of it, the Wildcats were playing in the Cotton Bowl.

Baylor wants to prove they can win without RGIII. [Boston Globe]

The BIG 12 lands two of the five regional SI covers. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]


The Aggies have a QB. [Aggie Athletics]

What are Kevin Sumlin's expectations this year? [ESPN]

"What are my realistic expectations this year?" Sumlin said. "My realistic expectations are to win. I said that from day one. Everybody talks to me and acts like I didn't know what I was getting into when I took the job. We had already entered into the SEC under the agreement when I took the job. I'm not a weatherman. I've been on really good teams. I've been on some bad teams. I'm not a guy that goes out and circles games on the schedule before the year happens, whether we've won every game or lost one game or lost them all. It changes."


Garrett Gilbert has found a good fit at SMU. [Dallas Morning News]

Reggie Bush wouldn't go back to USC, even if they asked. [LA Times]

Oregon is serious about social media. [Business of College Sports]

The NFL assumes this is the only way to get a larger female audience? [NY Times]

And finally...

Someone needs to recruit this kid. NOW. [Yahoo Sports]

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