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Bevo's Roundup: 16 Days To Go


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Matt Millen thinks the Horns are on the rise. [ESPN]

Texas has had issues at the TE position. [SB Nation]

Back in 2007, the future at the TE position at Texas was bright. Jermichael Finley had replaced David Thomas, Vince Young's favorite receiver, as an even more explosive weapon in the middle of the field and there were rumors that Blaine Irby, his backup, might be even better.

Then everything began to fall apart. Finley left early for the NFL and Irby blew out his knee on the crown of a Rice Owl helmet. The position hasn't recovered since.

Don't throw the football? Seriously? [AAS]

Here's a unique strategy suggestion for the Texas coaches.

Don't throw the football.

Seriously, if things go as expected this fall, the Longhorns will be a top-three rushing offense nationally with their quarterback(s) playing the role of game manager(s).

Nice. [Florida Today]

Texas is just another extremely overrated and booster-rich program with major issues at the skill positions that manages to hog TV attention and media coverage because of its past and its money.


The SI jinx may be back. [NewsOK]

What do the Sooners need to do to get to the big game? [CBS Sports]

Will Charlie Weis revive the Jayhawk program? [NewsOK]

So what can it hurt for KU to have hired Weis? The Jayhawks have nowhere to go but up as the 2012 season approaches, bringing in the Weis era.

T. Boone Pickens needs to buy the Pokes a network. [NewsOK]

West Virginia worked on getting in better shape for their move to the Big 12. [MetroNews]

A major theme of the offseason for West Virginia football players was getting in better shape for the Big 12. More plays mean more running and exhaustion, especially for cornerbacks and wide receivers constantly running routes. West Virginia cornerbacks coach Daron Roberts has a number in mind for how many guys he needs.

"At least four to five corners to go into a game because of the tempo," he said.

What will be Tommy Tuberville's biggest game this season? [ESPN]


There may be another head coach named Stoops in everyone's future. [Florida Today]

Bill Curry should be the NCAA's Football Czar. [Times Free Press]

And finally...

Condolences go out to Mountaineer QB Geno Smith on the death of his grandmother. [Charleston Gazette]

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