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Texas Football 2012: Practice Pictures!

Pictures! There are practice pictures! Because I'm just like this, 23 thoughts on 23 pictures from Thursday's practice. My source (MB-TF) is telling me some interesting things. The late-night series for your morning continues:

  • (1/23) Duane Akina getting his point on -- he's pointing at something. It's a coach thing. Hot sports take: He's good at his job. Also, left Texas, then came back, not less than two years ago. Glad you're still showing off that old quarterback's arm at practice for the 'Horns. How many DB coaches even have an arm like Akina? Baller.
  • (2/23) David Ash showing the ball to Malcolm Brown. I just have a feeling that Ash is pulling this for the boot, a play that he ran well in the scrimmage, reportedly. Ball-handling skills for a quarterback? Next-level stuff. Ash is about the next-level stuff. Not all there, but it's getting close. That LV phrase, again (don't get the reference, read this).
  • (3/23) Connor Brewer. Cool. Respect, dude. Don't have much here on this one, cocked and ready to delivery a pass. Uh. Your sister, Ashley, transferred to USC to swim? Not sure what that was all about, but seems like a loss for Texas. Best of luck to Ashley, though.
  • (4/23) Tim Cole has a big, slightly deflated fitness ball. Like the ones that you use to do crunches. Or buy and then never do crunches on them. Not sure what type of drill that is. There are also cones. So, yeah. Tim Cole, helped bring Malcom Brown to Texas. Yeah, buddy. Fun fact(s): Brown suggested committing first after a visit to TCU, they planned to do it together at the spring game, but Cole committed without his boy Shug (yeah, they call MB2 Shug because he's a sweet dude), while Brown was watching film with Bo Davis. Just don't let Mason Walters call Malcom Shug, or try to convince Walters that Malcom is a sweet guy.
  • (5/23) Now we got Bo Davis pointing. I want to see all the coaches pointing before this is done. Please, MB-TF? Pretty please? They appear to be in the Bubble, but Davis still has on his floppy hat. So there's that. Tidbits like that are why I do these things.
  • (6/23) Manny Diaz pointing! Thanks, MB-TF! Rocking the beard. Sweet, but not as sweet as Paul Rhoads' Fu Manchu 'stache. This makes perfect sense to me (ask for explanation if you want to know, I'm moving on now).
  • (7/23) Blind prediction -- Oscar Giles pointing! Actual photo -- Quandre Diggs in his backpedal, looking svelte in his new no. 6, worn last season by Christian Scott. Note to Quandre (not that you need this, buddy) -- if some chick tries to repossess your car, please do not strike her. Please, for the love of lots of things.
  • (8/23) Ashton Dorsey going into a drill. Easy to lose him in the shuffle because defensive tackle is so deep and he's been dinged, but he's going to have a good season. Sick depth there, imo. I'm on a limb, I know.
  • (9/23) The offensive line going through a drill. There are two sets, all of them are on scholarship. Unlike spring 2011! Sweet.
  • (10/23) Um, Steve Edmond's back side. Moving on. And a walk on. Congratulations to redshirt freshman (shocked on that shirt, yo, he should have played) Trey Gonzales from Friendswood. You have now been mentioned on BON and if Mack Brown decides he wants to let his offense cut defenders, you will be the cannon fodder. Double congrats. Exclamation point redacted -- I've used up a teenage girl's year supply already tonight. At least I'm holding off on the the smiley face emoticons. Barely.
  • (11/23) Marquise Goodwin. In pads. With the football. About ready to juke somebody. Have you a senior season on the gridiron, Mr. Olympian. Smiley face emoticon.
  • (12/23) Bryant Jackson. Catching the ball. Coolio. Great thing about practice photos of wide receivers on MB-TF? Never any body catches. Texas wideouts in photo galleries attack the heck out of the football. EVEN DJ MONROE CATCHES PASSES IN PRACTICE PHOTOS. Sorry for all caps. Ran out of exclamation marks, as I said.
  • (13/23) Cedric Reed from a two-point stance about to go against Josh Cochran, who was practicing. I wanted to use an exclamation mark there so badly. Five exclamation marks.
  • (14/23) Daje, my boy. That would be Daje Johson, newb. Come on, man. Kid will have himself the football at Texas this year. Hot sports take. You're welcome.
  • (15/23) Marcus Johnson can attack the football. Every Texas wide receiver can attack the football. Where is DeSean Hales attacking the football? I know he still attacks the football because everyone attacks the football and I've seen him attacking the football in practice photos multiple times. He attacks the football.
  • (16/23) Alex Okafor, doing a footwork drill. Beast. All-American. Reformed Sixth Street miscreant. Don't mess with the man's pizza.
  • (17/23) Jalen Overstreet. Kid will play this season. Mark it down. Will help in redzone. Mark it down.
  • (18/23) Kendall Thompson's got a big workout ball, too. Not much buzz around him this fall. Not really a good sign with Dalton Santos breathing down his neck at middle linebacker. Possibly ahead. Thompson at weaskide 'backer, then?
  • (19/23) Chris Whaley going against Cochran. My lord, Chris Whaley is big. Best running back in the class of 2009, says Mack Brown. Said Mack Brown. No, that will never die. Not in the big-back trauma it has caused me. Fun fact about Johnathan Gray: He will not turn into a defensive tackle.
  • (20/23) Hey, speaking of -- Johnathan Gray. Wow. This is a little weird right now. About to break a tackle from Reggie Wilson., methinks.
  • (21/23) And Reggie Wilson in a footwork drill, a la Okafor earlier. Looks the part. When will the light come on for him? Some time at Texas, hopefully.
  • (22/23) Darrell Wyatt pointing! Under the gun. That only leaves Searels, Chambers, Applewhite, Giles and Harsin. And Mack. Poor effort, MB-TF. Darrell Wyatt, though, likes to make his receivers block. John Harris obliges. Prediction: Harris will have some pancakes this season. Also in the picture, Daje Johnson, I think. I spent some time trying to figure it out, when I remembered the sleeves, plus I can see the first 2 on the jersey, so that narrowed it down. Yes, these are the things that I do. I would say that I'm a sick man, and I probably am, but would also counter by saying that this is my job, and stuff.
  • (23/23) Duke Thomas with the ball, running on the left. Mathew Zapata, on the right, long locks flowing. Fun fact: Like Josh Tuner and Demarco Cobbs, Zapata is from Oklahoma, but repping for the 'Horns. With long, flowing lacks. Fun Fact: I did not have to look up the fact that Zapata is from Oklahoma, because he was the starting second-team safety in the spring game and I did a little bit of learning on Mr. Zapata at the time. Fun guess: Height/weight, not looking. Hmm. 6-1, 200 pounds. 6-0, 186, listed. Oof. 15 pounds over. Weak on my part. I will now depart in shame.