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Reports: David Ash Named Starting Quarterback

Your starting quarterback for the University of Texas, according to a report (Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE)
Your starting quarterback for the University of Texas, according to a report (Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE)

Despite the public statements from the Texas Longhorns coaching staff about the quarterback competition being open and featuring little separation between combatants David Ash and Case McCoy, is reporting on Tuesday that Ash has been named the starting quarterback over McCoy, and llater confirmed by another sourcee to ESPN's Horns Nation.

If the reports are true, it would seem to fly in the face of public pronouncements that both quarterbacks will play against Wyoming, made first by co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin on Monday evening and then by fellow co-coordinator/running backs coach Major Applewhite on Tuesday.

Of course, the greater likelihood is that both quarterbacks will still play against Wyoming, with Ash coming out with the first team and then McCoy subbing in at some point. The question is whether that would be early in the game or later, presumably when the Longhorns mount a significant lead.

It's also worth pointing out that Harsin said the same things before the Holiday Bowl about both guys playing before Ash ended up taking every snap.

Daily Texan writer Trey Scott such a two-quarterback rotation into perspective:

The answer, of course, is simple -- MOXIE! Intangibles! The fact that he's a gamer. That he oozes moxie out of every pore. If you touch him, your hand will be covered by it, and you may suddenly become a magnet for every unquantifiable cliche ever imagined. Please, don't touch Case McCoy.

The non-facetious answer is that since McCoy no longer has separation in his ability to avoid interceptions, there's not really much except for accuracy on short passes.

Thing is, Ash hasn't been noted as erratic this fall, so the concerns about him being able to put the football where he wants it, at least in the short and into the intermediate areas of the field, are starting to die down. Or, if such accuracy still is lacking for Ash, the difference is much less pronounced than it was 10 months ago.

Time will tell whether the reports are true and how snaps will be allocated into the season, but this is at least a report in a positive direction, instead of the frustrating pronouncements put forth by the coaching staff. Somewhere, Mack Brown is probably wasting time being mad about the decision breaking.