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Bevo's Roundup: 8 Days To Go


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Mack Brown needs to stick with his choice. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

That charade aside, it's time Brown did what few if any expect him to do: Stick with Ash and keep McCoy on the sidelines.

Three is always better than one. [ESPN]

According to ESPN Stats & Info, in the past five years, 12 major-conference programs have had three running backs each gain 500-plus yards in a season.

Nine of them went on to play in BCS bowl games.

This could be the best backfield trio ever. [AAS]

Just doing the o-line shuffle. [ESPN]

"You never know where you’re going to be," Walters said. "I could go out there and one day be at center. That’s how [offensive line coach Stacy] Searels does it."

Searels also refuses to allow his players to only know one position. Instead as defensive ends coach Oscar Giles is apt to say, he likes to throw all the different ingredients in the pot and try and come up with the best stew.

Texas and Oklahoma are still the big boys in the conference. [Sporting News]


Blake Bell is the Sooner QB backup. [Yahoo Sports]

Things just got a little worse for Bob Stoops. [NewsOK]

Defensive end Chaz Nelson, a junior who transferred to Oklahoma from Garden City (Kan.) Community College, is out at least six weeks with an MCL injury, and converted linebacker P.L. Lindley has a high-ankle sprain, position coach Bobby Jack Wright said after practice Tuesday.

Bill Snyder does not like complacency. [Washington Post]

Pundits are expecting No. 22 Kansas State to succeed, and for the first time since Snyder returned to the sideline, complacency could become an issue.

"The consequences sometimes are pretty astonishing," Snyder said recently. "It’s kind of a bad habit to get into because it’s a bad habit to break once you have gotten into it. There’s a lot of trouble. As far as on the football field is concerned, we’ve got a lot of examples."

The Kansas defensive coordinator coached in the NFL. Lawrence is an adjustment. [University Daily Kansan]

Charlie Weis is just positive he can make the Jayhawk program relevant. [Wichita Eagle]

Iowa State has spoken. Steele Jantz is the starting QB. [Wide Right Natty Light]

ISU coach Paul Rhoads wants a winning program. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Can WVU or TCU win the conference championship this year? [SI]

There will be fewer Big 12 games on ABC this season. [NewsOK]


I'm going with the end table. This has to be the best story out there about the New York Jets quarterback controversy. [Wall Street Journal]

Joe Posnanski's biography makes excuses for Joe Paterno [The Atlantic]

Only in Oklahoma. [CBS Sports]

A five-year old in Oklahoma was forced to turn his Michigan t-shirt inside out when attending his kindergarten class. Yes, you read that right. It seems that according to the dress code for public schools in Oklahoma City, the only college apparel students are allowed to wear are Oklahoma or Oklahoma State gear.

"They should really worry about academics. It wasn't offensive. He's five," said five-year old Cooper Barton's mother, Shannon Barton.

His mother wants the school to worry about academics? Someone needs to remind her she lives in Oklahoma.

And finally...

My male terrier marks his territory every morning on our walk. This reminds me of that. Of course, my Norwich terrier has the brain the size of walnut. [San Antonio Express-News]

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