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Vince Young Released By The Buffalo Bills, Other 'Horns Jettisoned As Well


The Vince Young bandwagon is noticeably short of members these days, at least as it regards his professional prospects after the Longhorn legend was released by the Buffalo Bills on Monday morning. writer Gregg Rosenthal called himself the last remaining member of that bandwagon, before acknowledging "that the ride is probably over." Rosenthal may not actually be the last aboard, as surely there are a few Texas homers who can't yet quite admit how imperiled the future is for the man who brought home the crystal football to Austin.

A terrible preseason performance against the Steelers on Saturday may have sealed his fate -- he went 12 of 26 for 103 yards and threw two interceptions.

On Sunday, the Bills acquired Tarvares Jackson from the Seattle Seahawks, a trade that became official on Monday just before Young was officially released.

Young released this statement on his Twitter feed:

He may yet get another opportunity, but it seems clear that if this isn't the end of the road for Vince Young as a professional football player, it is quite imminent at this rate.

In other sad news, offensive guard Kasey Studdard was released by the Texans on Saturday, while wide receiver Quan Cosby was given his walking papers by the Indianapolis Colts. Other Longhorns released -- Christian Scott, David Snow, and Jamison Berryhill.