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Bevo's Roundup: The Season Has Arrived


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Chaos is good great. [Dallas Morning News]

What do you like most about Manny's D?

Roger Wallace:The chaos. I sit there watching as Craig calls the play and I'm trying to figure out how to describe all the different pre snap movement. We saw in the Holiday Bowl how it wanted to play it, pressure from everywhere.

Mack Brown wants to know what he has. [ESPN]

"I want our defense to live up to those expectations," Brown said. "All of us sitting here in preseason have expectations, especially at a school like the University of Texas. But, until you produce on the field, and we’ll have a better idea of how they look on Saturday, then we’re not sure how good they will be."

Did all that rebuilding work? [Houston Chronicle]

It is time to solve the tight end puzzle. [AAS]

Yes, that's what we are thinking. [CBS Sports]

TEXAS WILL WIN IF… Look, the point spread on this game is 28.5 points. So there is no point in spinning out some one-in-a-million scenario in which Texas doesn't win here.

Wyoming QB Brett Smith is inspired by the memory of a high school friend. [The Oregonian]

Don't plan on any Turkey Day games with the Aggies. [Dallas Morning News]


Will the Pokes debut a new package in their season opener? [NewsOK]

Things may not be so rosy for the Bears this season. [Houston Chronicle]

OU has a new nickleback position. [ESPN]

New defensive coordinator Mike Stoops described what he has looked for in the nickelback position.

"We want somebody that’s big, that’s long and can cover up slot receivers; be athletic enough to run with guys, and be physical to fit the run game," he said. "They need to possess all those types of skills. They’re a little bit of a hybrid between a safety and a corner. They’re a little more athletic than safeties, and maybe not quite as athletic as corners. But they hit like safeties, not like corners.

More bad news for the Sooners. [Tulsa World]

Here's to a quick recovery for OSU's Bill Young. [CBS Sports]

Bill Snyder believes in ethanol. [Domestic Fuel]


Researchers are trying to make the game of football safe. [ESPN]

Oklahoma loves football. [NewsOK]

Granted, much of the trouble happened outside our fair state, but we care about college football in a way few other places do. Oklahoma City (No. 2) and Tulsa (No. 7) were among the highest ranked television markets for ESPN's college football telecasts last season. No other state had more than one market in the top 10. Oklahomans are invested in college football.

And finally...

CBS Sports writer Greg Doyle on the Big 12's former members: [The Daily O'Collegian]

It's a wash at the moment, but if Dana Holgorsen's first year at West Virginia was no fluke -- and I don't think it was -- then long term it'll be a plus move for the Big 12. For whatever reason Texas A&M just can't be a great football program, and it damn sure can't be great in the SEC. TCU and A&M might be roughly equal -- I need to see TCU go 11-1 in a BCS conference before I get too effusive -- but a good West Virginia program is greater than a good Missouri program. I just re-read this and agree with every last one of you: What I said makes no sense. But I'm too lazy to delete it, so I'll repeat: It's a wash at the moment.

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