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Demetrius Knox, Daniel Gresham Contemplating Texas Commitments

Demetrius Knox and Daniel Gresham could soon become the fourth and fifth 2014 commits for Texas (Photo by the author).
Demetrius Knox and Daniel Gresham could soon become the fourth and fifth 2014 commits for Texas (Photo by the author).

[5:48 pm update]: Daniel Gresham just texted me and told me that he's considering making an announcement by the end of the week. -- Wescott

[8:37 pm update]: Here's what Knox had to say via Twitter:

Sounds like he is in essentially the same place as Gresham now. --Wescott

Back in College Station, 2014 Forth Worth All Saints offensive tackle Demetrius Knox and teammate Daniel Gresham, a running back/fullback, made it clear that they intend to play their college football together (Knox recap here, Gresham recap here). At the time, both only had what Knox told me was a "wink-wink" offer from the Longhorns. Both were officially offered last Thursday, which prompted Knox to tell Jake Raulerson on Twitter that Texas was his leader.

Known as someone who likes to have some fun on Twitter -- he said he was going to make an announcement on Friday, then informed the Twitterverse that he was planning on watching iCarly -- I was skeptical of him being serious when he sent out the following tweet:

If his response was a bit coy, it definitely left open the possibility that he was serious about making a decision, which would obviously result in commitments to Texas from Knox and Gresham:, Orangebloods, and Horns Nation all followed up with Knox and/or Gresham and essentially determined that they are indeed considering making a decision. Gresham told me that he's "still talking to my parents and trying to figure out what's best." He possesses only the single offer from Texas at this time (though he will certainly pick up many more if he extends the process).

Knox sent out a flurry of tweets about his status:

It's not clear if the calls are going out to his family or coaches, but it's definitely clear that Knox is seriously considering making a pledge. If he does so, Gresham will follow. Or they will go down simultaneously. Either way, the result could be the same in the near future -- the two high school teammates could be the fourth and fifth Longhorn commits in the 2014 class. If it happens, it's Texas. If not, the Longhorns are still in the driver's seat.