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Bevo's Roundup: 22 Days To Go


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


One more year? Not a problem.

Kenny Vaccaro made the right decision when he decided to stay at Texas. [San Antonio Express-News]

There is another question besides who will start at at QB. [AAS]

Some of us are mildly curious about what comes after the snap, as in who David Ash and Case McCoy might throw to.

If you answered someone not named Jaxon Shipley, you (1) have a lot of faith in Mack Brown's incoming recruiting class; (2) believe that Mike Davis will return as a new man; (3) think DeSean Hales will be totally disoriented and mistake the regular season for spring practice; (4) feel that long jumper Marquise Goodwin will show up for workouts ticked off and take out his Olympic frustrations on Big 12 defensive backs; or (5) are Darrell Wyatt and have a somewhat vested interest in the development of Texas' wide receivers as it relates to your weekly paychecks.

Mack Brown talks about the upcoming season and Colt McCoy. []

SiriusXM College Sports Nation will broadcast live from the University of Texas pre-season football camp in Austin tomorrow, Aug. 9. Tune in to channel 91.

Who are the most overrated college basketball coaches? [CBS Sports]

On Rick Barnes: "There's just no bang for the buck, is there? All that talent, so much in there every year -- and nothing to show for it."


The Big 12's fearless leader.

Oklahoma has had a rough start to the season. [ESPN]

Oklahoma enters the 2012 season as the Big 12 favorite, but is that slowly changing, injury by injury?

One of the Sooners' biggest strengths was their offensive line, but with two big losses and another departure, the unit has turned into a big question mark.

Receiver Kenny Stills is taking on a leadership role for the Sooners. [ESPN]

Bob Stoops should talk about Justin Brown's recruitment. [NewsOK]

Bob Stoops wouldn’t talk about how OU came to land Penn State receiver Justin Brown. When asked Tuesday how the Sooners came into contact with Brown, Stoops said, "I don’t need to detail all that. That’s a long time ago now."

I have no idea what he means by "a long time ago." From the NCAA announcement that Penn State would be punished so severely that every Nittany would be allowed to transfer to any school and play immediately, until Brown’s arrival in Norman, was 14 days. A fortnight. That’s not a long time ago.

Charlie Weis likes to remind people that he has turned teams around into winners. [KU Sports]

Tommy Tuberville has set a scooter policy. [Dallas Morning News]


That inferiority complex has kicked in. Again. [Dallas Morning News]


Academic support staff plays a huge role. [ESPN]

At the University of Texas, tutors, students, mentors, academic staff and coaches average a combined 4,000 hours a week (from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sunday through Friday) at the Student-Athlete Services Office, a space on the fifth floor of the football stadium that's specifically designated for all athletes (except football players, who have their own center) to study and get academic support. This fiscal year alone, the Longhorns plan to spend $2.6 million on academic support.

Former Miami U player Ray-Ray Armstrong isn't leaving without a legal fight. [Orlando Sun-Sentinel]

It is never too early to start the Heisman Watch. [CBS Sports]

As if that isn't the case in any other place? Football is big in the SEC, in case you didn't know. [ESPN]

"It's absolutely spiritual; there is no tomorrow," says Mike Foley, master lecturer and Hugh Cunningham professor in Journalism Excellence at Florida, who has a Gator tattooed on his right shoulder. He got it in a fit of youthful exuberance and impetuousness. He was 40-something. Somewhere in this steamy landscape -- Ole Miss, perhaps, or Vanderbilt -- a regular-season loss is not the end of the world, and there are such things as moral victories and good college tries.

Not Tuscaloosa. Not Baton Rouge. Not Auburn. Not Athens. Not Fayetteville, where they wear rubber pigs on their heads and yell "sooooooieeeeeeee." Judges do that. Deacons. Florists. Presidents.

Just in case people think football is a small diversion in Texas. [Yahoo Sports]

Mark Mangino has a website. []

The Good, The Bad, The Sanctioned

The Paterno family plans to appeal the NCAA sanctions. Now Penn State trustees [CBS Sports] and former players [CBS Sports] are doing the same.

There just aren't enough blue ribbons in the world. [CBS Sports]

And the really stupid

What the ?????? [ESPN]

The University of North Carolina has essentially admitted that dozens of courses taught by African-American studies professor Julius Nyang'oro were, to use non-academic parlance, baloney.

The school has not argued that athletes made up a high percentage of the students enrolled in those baloney courses.

Going a step further, a report engineered by a faculty committee concluded -- though not yet fully endorsed by the university -- that academic counselors assigned to specific teams perhaps pushed athletes to those baloney classes.

And the NCAA apparently has no jurisdiction in this matter.

And finally...

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas this October. [Daily Texan]

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