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Bevo's Roundup: Monday, Sept. 10


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


'Horns are sneaky good. About the fifth-best story in the Big 12 right now (TV rights deal, Kansas State, West Virginia, Oklahoma State upset.) But Mack Brown is rebuilding Texas into an SEC look-alike.[CBS Sports]

The Horns are ready for Ole Miss. [ESPN]

"I think the schedule sets up perfectly for us going into Ole Miss because you play against Wyoming and it’s a four and five wide out pass attack," Brown said. "And you play against New Mexico and it’s an absolute triple-option offense. Ole Miss is a combination of both. We’ve gotten enough option work tonight that we sure don’t have to work on it again the rest of the year."

Texas is on top in the Texas poll. [Dallas Morning News]



Bill Snyder is at it again. Kansas State beat Thug U, 52-13. [ESPN]

Only this time, instead of stunned Miami fans sitting in silence, Bill Snyder's Wildcats left the Kansas State student section chanting, "Hail Snyder!" which the 73-year-old coach acknowledged with a wave as he left the field. That's an experience tough to duplicate unless the stadium bears your name, which was the case at Bill Snyder Family Stadium on Saturday.

The biggest difference on the field? In Kansas State's first real test of the 2012 season, you had to look far and wide to find much sweat on the brows of the folks in purple Saturday.

Tech beat Texas State, 58-10. [CBS Sports]

Texas State was disrespectful. [Dallas Morning News]

"It was disrespectful how they were to us. We didn’t say anything all week, but now we won and we showed them, ‘Hey we’re in the Big 12, so if you’re going to come play us, you’ve got to put your big boy pants on.’"

The Sooners ran over Florida A&M, 69-13. [Yahoo Sports]

Blake Griffin helped to motivate the Land Thieves in the locker room. [Sports Grid]

Though we don’t have video of the speech itself, we do have video of Griffin recapping his magical words: "I literally told them to score more points than the other team. That was it."


The Pokes had a bad combo. [NewsOK]

"Way too many mistakes. It was poor coaching and poor playing. Bad combination."

OSU won't win any big games with this defense. [NewsOK]

Jayhawk football is not back. Kansas loses to Rice, 25-24. [Fox Sports]

A fitting end to Hate Week. Congrats to the Cyclones for holding off Iowa, 9-6. [Yahoo Sports]

The Iowa Hawkeyes didn't let Steele Jantz beat them like he did a year ago.

This time, it was the Cyclones' defense that took down the rival Hawkeyes.

Steele Jantz threw for 241 yards and the game's only touchdown on Saturday and Iowa State beat Iowa 9-6 for its first win in Iowa City in 10 years.

Wide Right Natty Light has captured the win in photos and Tweets. [WDNL]

The Frogs beat Grambling, 56-0. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

TCU's Gary Patterson is the winningest coach in school history. [ESPN]


The debate over stipends for student-athletes continues. [Business of College Sports]

Savannah State needed the money. [Yahoo Sports]

''Our job is to hold everyone under 100,'' Sharpe joked. ''We don't have any business being on the field with Florida State ... or Oklahoma State. But there are only two real money-makers in college, football and basketball. So when you're in the financial situation they're in, you have to do things that you know are probably not right.''

'Talk about pandering to the electorate. [Throw The Flag]

This could be some very bad news for the Duke basketball program. [Yahoo Sports]


So much for those SEC debuts. [ESPN]

Can we say second half meltdown? Same story for A&M. [SI]

Missouri started out okay, but then... [CBS Sports]

Lots of talk about Aggie QB Johnny Manziel. [CBS Sports]

Manziel, a k a Johnny Football, is genuine Must-See TV in the same way few college players are. And, when was the last time anyone outside of the College Station area was buzzing about A&M? Sure, the Aggies have fielded more than their share of talent. Von Miller, Dat Nguyen and a bunch of other defensive standouts made the Aggies formidable, but Manziel could be special in this system. Just as the Aggies' sharp young offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury has been quietly telling his buddies.

The Aggies' Austin billboard was vandalized. [Dallas Morning News]

And finally...

Thoughts and prayers go out to Tulane's Devon Walker. [Huffington Post]

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