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SBNation Blog Poll: BON Week 2 Ballot

I'm here with my first stab at actually ranking teams this season. You might recall that I submitted a blank preseason ballot, and moving pretty much kept me offline all last week.

No need to really analyze the voting at this point, except to note the obvious that it's pretty much arbitrary at this point. So if you insist on complaining that I overvalued Team A or undervalued Team B, I'll concede your point before I even read your comment.

I will explain why I ranked Texas where I did: I really did intend to rank us lower than I did, since I haven't consumed too much of the available Kool-Aid yet. (Do kids even drink Kool-Aid anymore? Do kids even get what "drinking the kool-aid" refers to? I digress...) But when I looked at the pool of available teams, I didn't see anyone out there I felt more worthy of a higher ranking. So that's why I filled out the poll like a lemming and placed us at 14 a la the AP.

The full poll after the jump.

This week's Top 25: