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Bevo's Roundup: Thursday, Sept. 13


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Texas is achieving a sense of balance. [ESPN]

Everyone got a raise! [AAS]

Dalton Santos on kickoffs. [San Antonio Express-News]

"Just be relentless. Don’t let one man block you. Take three or four on, you know? And that’s what kickoff is. It’s simple. It’s real simple. Don’t let one guy block you. You just go down there and make plays. That’s all it is. You’ve got to have that … kickoff is just a mentality, just a nasty mentality. Just go make a play."

We've been called out. [The Daily Texan]

"I like without a doubt playing on the road better than playing at home," Vaccaro said. "It’s way louder and gets me way [more excited]. No offense to our fans, but [DKR] is not loud."


Credit Big 12 administrators, past and present, for their conviction to maintaining agreements with Fox. According to a Big 12 source, it was Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds who once advised his conference colleagues that competition was needed to prevent ESPN from cornering the market in college athletics. Doubt, however, that you'll hear that story on the Longhorn Network. [Topeka Capital-Journal]

The LHN is offering a Texas-centric version of the Texas-Ole Miss game. [ESPN]

Thank you, LHN. [University of Texas]

Internationally renowned engineer and mathematician Francois Baccelli and philosopher Galen Strawson have been appointed to two new endowed chairs at The University of Texas at Austin, effective Sept. 1.

The appointments make for a total of seven endowed academic chairs funded by earnings from the Longhorn Network.

Has this guy ever been to a Texas-OU game? A BYU football player thinks the Texas-OU rivalry is polite. [Desert News]

Ogletree grew up keenly aware of the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry and the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry and assumed the rivalry BYU had with Utah was largely the same. It wasn't until seeing up close that he became aware the rivalry's unique aspects.

"I'd say the (Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M) fan bases are a lot more civil toward each other, if that's okay to say," Ogletree said.


The Pokes have a fumbling issue. [NewsOK]

In the first 22 games of Joseph Randle's college career, he did not lose one fumble.

In his last five games, Randle has lost five fumbles. Six, really, but his fumble inside the red zone against Savannah State was negated because of a defensive penalty.

Oklahoma's Damien Williams is scary good. [NewsOK]

The Sooner o-line critiques itself. [NewsOK]

Center Gabe Ikard knows his job: protect the quarterback.

He doesn’t feel like he and the offensive line have done a great job keeping the opponent from getting to Landry Jones, that’s why the offensive captain’s biggest concern right now is the number of sacks the Sooners have given up.

Who is Dustin Garrison and why isn't there any news? [The Daily Mail]

There is nothing new about 2011′s leading rusher and Dana Holgorsen preached patience once more Monday. Then again, there was a slight angle to it all and Holgorsen said there may come a point where WVU will use Garrison if it needs Garrison. "If not," Holgorsen said, "we won’t."

New coach, new QB, same results. [Washington Post]

New coach, new quarterback, new attitude — and the same kind of early season loss to a middling opponent that got Turner Gill fired last season.

This is the house that Gary built. [Frogs O War]

How does Tech end up in these situations? [Dallas Morning News]

The Sooners went out and got a network. Sorta. [Dallas Morning News]


John Swofford wins realignment. [SI]

The realignment of college athletics has taught us a variety of lessons. Chief among them: Never play poker with ACC commissioner John Swofford. He'll lull you into a false sense of security with that folksy, aw-shucks aura, and then BAM! Next thing you know, you have no money, no watch and you're standing outside the saloon wearing a rain barrel.

Why Notre Dame went to the ACC. [Yahoo Sports]

Notre Dame and the ACC are a perfect fit. [Business of College Sports]

Don't expect Notre Dame is give up that lucrative NBC deal any time soon. [ESPN]

A junior college linebacker was dismissed from the team because he is gay. [Yahoo Sports]

There's great news for you if you have Dish Network! You can watch the PAC 12 network. [Sports Business Digest]

Can anything be done about number of head injuries in college football? [CBS Sports]

And finally...

Let it go, Aggies. Just let it go. [Dallas Morning News]

"Yet even free and clear from the perceived oppression of the Longhorns, post-dinner conversation among the regents inevitably turned to Texas," Forde writes. "The ancient rivalry has been halted, but those in College Station envision a day when it is renewed – and the balance of power is different, thanks to SEC membership."

"When we do play again," regent Richard Box said, "we’ll be the controlling brand."

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