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Bevo's Roundup: Mississippi...The State That Makes You Feel Better About Your Own State

At least we don't live there.

This is all ancient history now...David Ash didn't know Texas recruited Bo Wallace. [Dallas Morning News]

Yes, everyone hates Texas and a win over the Horns will just make their season. [Dallas Morning News]

It’s been a long time since we’ve been in a good spotlight," Ole Miss fullback H.R. Greer tells Aschoff. "A lot of times there’s been a lot of negativity around the program. It’s great for the fan base and the university to be in a positive spotlight… It’d be a big-time win. They’re a great team, and it would really spark us for the rest of the year."

Jordan Hicks will be a big factor in Saturday's game. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Hicks will need to keep playing at a high level this weekend when the Longhorns travel for their first road game of the season at Ole Miss (2-0). The Rebels, with dual-threat quarterback Bo Wallace leading the team in rushing and passing, are averaging 551.5 yards a game and almost 40 points a game. The Texas defense starts with Hicks, who will have to play a giant role in trying to slow Wallace on the ground and through the air.

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The kickoff coverage team has a nickname. [The Sacramento Bee]

They just want to hit people. [Houston Chronicle]

Nick Rose, the Longhorns' freshman kickoff specialist, has developed a knack for booming the ball high enough to where it lands right at the goal line, which suits his hair-on-fire coverage team just fine.

"If he wants to kick it out (of the end zone), he can kick it out," Thompson said. "But I'd rather him not, so we can go hit somebody."

Kenny Vaccaro defends his comments about DKR. [The Daily Texan]

Someone understands us. [CBS Sports]

Texas partisans have been known to refer to DKR as "The Library" for the crowd's general reluctance to whoop it up compared to, say, Texas A&M. (Although from personal experience, I can say there is a good deal of very awkward yet enthusiastic high-fiving.) Longhorns fans are very much like Michigan fans – smart, into the game, mostly patient, but not prone to losing themselves in a collective frenzy. The student section, maybe, but for alumni, that sort of thing is simply -- well, not done. For most of them, the suggestion that it is done at Texas A&M is all the more reason not to start.

The experts think we will win. [Dallas Morning News]

This is a tougher game than it looked in early August, given the extra dimension Wallace has added to the Rebels. And Vaught-Hemingway Stadium ought to be rocking with ESPN in town. But the Longhorns’ edge in big-game experience, plus their ultimate edge in talent, is why they’ll notch win No. 3. Win: 27-20

This is Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze's biggest challenge yet. [Red Cup Rebellion]

The Texas Longhorns, one of the most storied programs in the history of college football, will be spending a weekend in our fair Oxford, bringing with them a small army of burnt orange and white-clad fans, primetime ESPN exposure, and the eyes of the college football watching world. This has potential to be a big moment for our program moving forward, something which I am certain is not at all lost on new Head Coach Hugh Freeze.

The Land Shark has been suspended for the Texas game. [SB Nation]

Rebel QB Bo Wallce is a big man on campus now. [Lindy Sports]

But for the moment, Wallace is enjoying the perks of being the starting quarterback at Ole Miss. When he walks around the Oxford campus, people notice him just like they used to when Archie Manning or Eli Manning or Charlie Conerly or Jake Gibbs or Jimmy Lear was spotted among the other students.

In short, Bo Wallace is now a rock star, much to Freeze’s dismay.

Red Cup Rebellion has a Q&A with that other Texas SB Nation site. [Red Cup Rebellion]

The Grove.

Did you know...

Mississippi governor Ross Barnett gave Texas the world's largest Texas flag now run by members of Alpha Phi Omega at UT sporting events? [The University of Texas]

The Horns have not taken on an SEC opponent on the road since 2004? [Dallas Morning News]

Hugh Freeze was the high school coach of Michael Oher from the Blind Side. [SB Nation]