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Bevo's Roundup: It was a great win.


Boxscore [AAS]

It was a big night. [AAS]


Texas has beaten Ole Miss, 66-31.

Plays of the game: [AAS]

Just wow. 676 yards of offense. [Yahoo Sports]

"You go back to our best team in '05; we were 250 (yards) rushing and 250 passing and 50 points per game, and that's what you'd like to have," the Longhorns coach said. "Tonight was better than that, but in that ballpark is what we'd like to have."

Texas gained 676 yards of total offense Saturday, tied for second on the school's single-game list.

We should celebrate. David Ash is out! [Dallas Morning News]

Was this David Ash’s coming out party? It certainly seemed like it. In a hostile environment on the road, on national television, Ash completed 19 of 23 passes for 326 yards and four touchdowns, including a couple of beautiful long balls. The yardage output is easily Ash’s career-best, surpassing the 221 he had last week against New Mexico. Ash hasn’t thrown an interception in his last four starts, dating back to the Holiday Bowl.

It was a complete transformation. [Houston Chronicle]

Looking nothing like the tentative, unpolished passer who'd slogged through his first 15 college games, a transformed Ash dazzled throughout the No. 14 Longhorns' 66-31 victory over the Rebels at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on Saturday.

Definitely. [San Antonio Express-News]

And they usually worked, even when Ash's passes weren't perfect. Several times, he lofted the ball behind his sprinting receivers, forcing them to pull up, adjust and leap over defenders. It worked just fine.

"I think I mastered the underthrow," Ash said, smiling.

The defense wasn't perfect, but you can't fault this win. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Brown agreed that the Longhorns’ defense wasn’t perfect, but he wasn’t going to get greedy.

“After every game you have concerns,” Brown said. “But when you win 66-31 you have to be pleased.”

Hallelujah! We found our offense! [ESPN]

Yep, for the first time in quite some time, the Longhorns behaved like they belonged in the wide-open, high-scoring, rooten-tootenist conference that side of the Mississippi River, as the No. 14 Longhorns (3-0) rolled to a 66-31 win over Ole Miss (2-1) in front of 61,797 at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on Saturday night.

"They now know they can hold their own," Texas coach Mack Brown said of his offense.

Bevo was confident.

Mack Brown, classy as ever. [Sun Herald]

But that did little to stop Texas from cruising to the victory. The Longhorns could have scored more than 70 points, but took a knee on their final two offensive plays rather than try to punch in one last touchdown.

Where was that SEC chant? [Barking Carnival]

The unsung heroes of the game? [ESPN]

Texas' offensive line. The big uglies up front gave David Ash all day to throw, and the holes were roomy and frequent for Texas' rushing attack all night long. The focus in this game will be on Ash's performance, but the offensive line deserves plenty of credit, too.


This headline says it all. [Clarion Ledger]

Texas rocks Ole Miss for 676 yards, most points allowed in 95 years.

This sums it up. [Seattle Times]

Mississippi coach Hugh Freeze watched his defensive linemen get manhandled, his linebackers look lost and his secondary get embarrassed.

At least the Rebels have a great receiver. [Clarion ledger]

How bout them Lady Rebels?

Undefeated and ranked in women’s soccer! -DemonReb [Red Cup Rebellion]

Well, there's that. And you still have great tailgating...

And finally...

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