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Bevo's Roundup: Tuesday, Sept. 18


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.

"Their defense looked good," said Ole Miss wide receiver Donte Moncrief. "Their offense looked good. They're just a good team." [
Tulsa World]

It got ugly fast. [Red Cup Rebellion]

Houston Nutt, after leading* the Arkansas Razorbacks to a 50-14 defeat at the hands of the USC Trojans in 2006, notoriously proclaimed, undeniably with some wild gesticulation, that those Trojans "score so fast [that] it messes you up."

Yesterday, we learned exactly what being "messed up" by quick scoring looks and feels like. The Rebels had absolutely no answer whatsoever to the offensive firepower put out by the Texas Longhorns, who cruised to a 66-31 victory in front of a raucous sell out Vaught-Hemingway Crowd. Texas had an eye-popping 676 total yards of offense, with 350 of those from the ground game with the remaining 326 coming through the air.

Kudos to the offensive line. [AAS]

"Obviously, games are won up front," he said. "Our offensive line dominated this game."

Who were the losers in the Ole Miss game? [Houston Chronicle]

Loser: Texas defense. Longhorns fans are particularly sensitive whenever this subject is brought up, but the fact is that the Texas defense is overrated. That’s not me saying that. That’s the Longhorns’ defensive coordinator, Manny Diaz, and their field general, safety Kenny Vaccaro, saying it. It has become a big-play defense, but the big plays are being made by the opposing offense. That’s going to be a problem when the Longhorns have to play a decent team, such as Oklahoma State, on Sept. 29.

"It could've been a smooth win," safety Kenny Vaccaro said. "We put some cracks in it." [Houston Chronicle]

The enemy is watching. [Blatant Homerism]

The Rebs ranked 95th in the country in Defensive S&P+ heading into the weekend and 90th overall last season. Looking back a year ago, Ole Miss finished the season ranked 103rd nationally in yards allowed per play (6.24).

In other words, take Texas' sparkling offensive output (676 yards) with salt grains.

The Horns have a new do. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

This is no way to treat a U.S. Olympian, Marine. [Lost Lettermen]

Start making plans now for the State Fair. Be sure to take along lots of heart burn meds. [Texas Monthly]


The Land Thieves have a rivalry with Kansas State. [Tulsa World]

This Saturday's game will be a special teams battle. [Tulsa World]

More on Bob and his great relationship with the media. [OU Daily]

When it comes to dealing with the media, Stoops’ reputation precedes him.

His terse responses and uncomfortably tense halftime interviews have greatly contributed to earning him a reputation of hostility toward anyone with a microphone, camera or a pad and pen.

Every Oklahoman's dream...1000 hours of Sooner sports programming. [NBC Sports]


The Pokes will use the bye week to tweak their offense. [NewsOK]

TCU didn't have a great game against Kansas, but they found a way to win. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

From top to bottom, the Big 12 is the strongest conference. [San Antonio Express-News]

The conference appears to be as wide open as any time in its 17-season history.

A case could be made that five or six contenders could legitimately contend for the title. Only Kansas appears to be a team that won't be in bowl contention.

Tech basketball coach Bill Gillespie won't be back to work for a month. [CBS Sports]

Why didn't they ask why everyone in the Big 12 hates him? Five questions for Scott Drew. [ESPN]


Rumors. Cowboy Stadium will win the rights to the Champions Bowl. [AAS]

Does the president of your university do this? [Lost Lettermen]

Bear Bryant on his 6-5 Goal Line Defense. [Smart Football]

The Good, The Bad, The Sanctioned

People just love Lane Kiffin. [CBS Sports]

One young girl in a red Stanford sweatshirt -- she couldn't have been more than 18 -- rushed up to Lane Kiffin and just started screaming, "[Bleep] you, Lane Kiffin! [Bleep] you, you [bleepin'] loser!"

Does the NCAA punish the innocent? [Sporting News]

Let it go, Franco. [CBS Sports]

So this is how Franco Harris will be remembered. Not as one of the NFL's great running backs. Not for the Immaculate Reception or the Super Bowls.

He'll be the crank who wouldn't stop defending Joe Paterno.


The Aggies annihilated beat SMU. [Good Bull Hunting]

And finally...

There's a battling over higher education brewing at the Capital. [The Alcade]

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