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Bevo's Roundup: Cowboy Down


''The more the game wears on, those guys can make some plays by breaking tackles,'' Texas coach Mack Brown said. ''You want to just keep bringing it.'' [Yahoo Sports]

Joe Bergeron battered the Cowboys. [ESPN]

While Ash was efficient and mostly mistake free in moving Texas on long scoring drives, Bergeron and Brown battered Wyoming and delivered the knockout blow late in the fourth quarter to put the game away.

The defense got an early wake up call. [AAS]

On Wyoming's first two possessions Saturday night, the Cowboys drove 56 yards for a field goal and capitalized on terrible Texas tackling for an 82-yard touchdown play.

It got better from there for coordinator Manny Diaz's unit Saturday, because the unit got considerably better, for the most part.

Kenny Vaccaro got off to a great start. [AAS]

For those would-be viewers who aren't blessed to see those magical three letters pop up on your on-screen television guide, trust me on this one: Vaccaro was all over the place in the opener. Texas' unquestioned enforcer played with a controlled aggression that showed his maturation from the wild man who arrived here from Brownwood four years ago to a legitimate All-America candidate.

Ash did what the coaches needed him to do. [Dallas Morning News]

"It's my job to just go out there and operate and manage the game," Ash said. "I was trying to move the chains... get it in somebody's hands and let them make a play."

Just call David Ash reliable. [Houston Chronicle]

But let's say Freud is sitting next to me. I would ask him what he would say to Ash, whose psychological makeup has undergone so much scrutiny that you'd think a decision was being made about whether to place him on anti-depressants.

Not so. UT coach Mack Brown would defer the clinical terms to psychologists and simply call Ash reliable.

"I thought our team played well together, meaning that we forced the two turnovers, got the ball back at plus-40 yard line, and scored two touchdowns off the two turnovers," said Texas coach Mack Brown. "[We] came back and had a fourth-down stop, which is like a turnover. When we needed it late in the game, the offense takes it 91 yards for a touchdown. So we got 21 points off of what would be three different turnovers. So I thought those things worked really well." [Fox Sports]

There was good and there was bad. [AAS]

Some questions were answered. [AAS]

Chris Whaley is not a joking matter. [Houston Chronicle]

"You don't want to laugh and joke when he's running toward you," running back Joe Bergeron said.

"We feel like we can run the ball against anyone right now," Texas coach Mack Brown said. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Joe Bergeron headed into the wild. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

After much speculation heading into Saturday, Joe Bergeron emerged as the Longhorns' choice to run their "wild" formation. The sophomore tailback took three snaps in the formation, which does not feature a quarterback.

"Joe operated it well," UT offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said. "I thought he was very calm out there and he ran the show."

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The secondary just needs to stop reading their own press. [San Antonio Express-News]

In between workouts this summer, Texas' best defensive players granted a few interviews. They posed, scowling, for glossy photographs that appeared in high-profile preseason publications, and heard all about how they were some of the fastest, toughest and strongest players in the sport.

Then Saturday evening, when they took the field at Royal-Memorial Stadium, they let the Wyoming Cowboys spend the first quarter of the season opener running circles around them.

"Honestly," UT safety Kenny Vaccaro said, "we needed to get our head out of the magazine."

Woo-hoo! We have another win this week. [Houston Chronicle]

The Texas Longhorns don't tee it up until tonight, but several thousand Texas fans scored their biggest win of the year thus far in the dead of night Friday.

AT&T's U-verse television service became the second national distributor to launch ESPN's Longhorn Network, a day before the channel broadcasts the Longhorns' season opener against Wyoming.